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Do not trade with Bruce D. Cohen. He is a crook and a fraud.(7 posts)

Do not trade with Bruce D. Cohen. He is a crook and a fraud.incubus
Jun 19, 2002 4:02 AM
Bad trader rant...

Bruce D. Cohen ( is a crook! I just hope he isn't as dishonest in his professional life as he is in his personal life.

On May 4th, I contacted PeteNJ about an ad for a Vigor Vamoose helmet that he'd posted in the RideMonkey classifieds seen here:

The ad had no asking price, rather it stated to make an offer, so I did. PeteNJ got back to me on May 5th, stating that he'd posted the ad for a friend, and that I should deal with that friend. He went on to give me said friend's e-mail address (

I sent Bruce the same offer I'd originally proposed to PeteNJ ($100 shipped) and Bruce got back to me rather quickly accepting my offer. Bruce directed me to his website ( for an address to which I should send my payment.

I sent Bruce payment on May 10th, which he received on May 16th. Bruce sent me an e-mail telling me that he'd send out the helmet "ASAP".

May 29th rolled around with no sign of the helmet, so I e-mailed him at the aforementioned AOL e-mail address asking for an update. I didn't hear back, so I sent another e-mail to that address on the 31st. Again I didn't hear back from him. I sent him a third e-mail on Saturday 06/01/02, this time I sent it to the e-mail address listed on his website.

On Monday May 3rd, I PMed PeteNJ explaining the situation and asking if he could get in touch with his friend to find out what was going on. Pete got back to me shortly after and has been inquisitive and helpful.

I sent Bruce a forth e-mail to his work address on 06/04/02 and again, didn't hear back. I then attempted to call the phone number on his website ( The first time I'd called (June 8th), I left him a phone mail. The second time I'd called (Monday June 10th), Bruce picked up. He said that despite my e-mails and phone call, he knew nothing about my not receiving the helmet. He mentioned something about his girlfriend being here from overseas and he was paying little attention to his e-mail. He promised me a call back on Tuesday.

I never got that call back. I e-mailed him about it on Thursday June 14th and called him on Friday June 14th. He never replied to my e-mail and i got his phone mail when I'd called.

So I've resorted to this... I plan on posting this message on every mtb related site so that people know what a fraud Bruce D. Cohen is. I'll drag his no-good name through the mud all day long.

It's surprising to me that Bruce would give me his work URL and then just walk off with my money. My career requires me to travel quite a bit, and I'm often on the west coast (Arizona two weeks ago and Denver two weeks after that), and I've many clients in Northern California whom I'll inevitably visit. That said, I can almost guarantee that I can single-handedly cause him to lose significantly more money by way of lost real-estate commissions simply by walking into his office and telling him and a potential Dana Point Real Estate customers what a dirt bag he is.

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You know I’ve had a hankerin....getinthesufferzone
Jun 19, 2002 11:26 AM
To buy a home in Dana Point so that I'd be able to live close to where my boat is docked.

Please post this loser's work phone # so that we can make an appointment to look at a bunch of homes all morning one day.

And if some of us fail to make the appointment with Bruce - - heck like duckman says - all Bruce will be out is a couple of phone calls.

It sure would be a pity though if Bruce was running all over the county for the next month for potential buyers that "changed their mind" about making the appointment to look at homes.

Heck, Bruce's boss might even send the poor boy down to canvass the Tijuana neighborhoods for lack of productivity in the office.
You know I’ve had a hankerin....Bruce966
Jun 20, 2002 8:58 AM
It's a shame that this person didn't take the time to find out if what was said here was true.

Ot course it's not. That should be transparent.

This is a case of someone getting their merchandise slower than they would have liked and overreacting.

The funny thing is that they were slow sending their money and I never freaked out.

Stooping to calling names and making threats is just sad.
Huh ?getinthesufferzone
Jun 20, 2002 12:38 PM
Ah, seems like good old times again in good trader/bad trader. I was getting tired of all the stale posts.

I kinda figured that anyone that is successful enough to sell property in Dana Point and Laguna Nigel is too high rent to spiff someone on a $100. helmet deal.

I hope that my earlier post simply evoked a response from Bruce to tell his side of the story - rather than passing reckless judgement.

Hey Bruce, lunch at the Ritz Carlton, on me ?

Or better yet, an invitation to a group ride in the Laguna Mountains east of San Diego, the first weekend in October !
re: Do not trade with... Immature trader rant...Bruce966
Jun 20, 2002 9:06 AM
This post was actually made by the webmaster of Ridemonkey.Com. He had a hissy fit when I wrote him a letter with proof of the MonkeyMember's incorrect posting. He refused to accept that it was possible for a mistake to have been made or even an overreaction.

When I pointed out that he was now responsible for the incorrect information on his site... Not only did he refuse to post my answer, but he told me that to get revenge, he would post a copy of the letter (that he did not write) everywhere he could.

The person that bought the helmet from me originally changed his mind.
He told me it was too bad and that I would have to suck it up.
I told him I'd report him to E-bay.
He offered to get another buyer.
He placed an ad on RideMonkey.
The person that responded sent their check late.
My employee got confused with the name and address change.
The helmet shipped late.
It got shipped.

This is all an overreaction.

When I was called, I explained that I had a guest in from Japan and was not in my office, but would investigate it as soon as she left.
I did so and took care of it.

Mea culpa.
The MTBR Webmaster calls...Bruce966
Jun 20, 2002 9:10 AM
The author that started this thread was so verbose and disjointed in their letter, the MTBR webmaster could immediately tell something was wrong with the allegations made.

Being the responsible person he is, he told me the situation and offered me the opportunity to respond.

(He got a kick out of the RideMonkey's Webmaster's refusal to do the same.)

Don't believe everything you read, folks.
re: Do not trade with Bruce D. Cohen. He is a crook and a fraud.jasonwa
Jul 10, 2002 9:25 AM
well,well , i know your type. you think you are justified because you finally sent off the helmet.and in your mind(it was only a hundred dollars)i would feel like a total scumbag if i didnt send the stuff after two or three took you well over a month.hhmmm....i know,i know,you are reeeaal busy.