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anybody know on ebay?(8 posts)

anybody know on ebay?DrSchu
May 8, 2002 11:18 AM
I got a winning bid on this guy on ebay and bidpay won't go through because they say he has a low seller rating. I have emailed him but have gotten no response. Says he wants me to send a certified check or money order only. Anybody have any dealings with this guy? He has alot of bike equipment for sale on ebay.
May 9, 2002 6:14 AM
all of this guy's entries have been suspended by ebay. If you were the winning bidder on anything in the last week, do like me and don't send the money!!!!
May 9, 2002 6:46 AM
You just made me ill because I bought a set of campy pedals last week and hadn't heard from them. HOWEVER, swear to god, right after I read your post, I got an email with the UPS tracking number for my shipment, which is en route. I will post when I see how this turns out.

EVERYONE SHOULD JUST HOLD ON, until they get some better feedback. Seems like they have an endless supply of killer stuff going for way under retail... too good to be true?
May 9, 2002 12:35 PM
I won an ebay auction this week for some Look pedals from yourbikesource. They were very slow to respond to my emails requesting various payment info. In the meantime, I attempted to pay using Bidpay. Bidpay denied the transaction because of yourbikesource's low sell rate. Thank goodness they did. Because I immediately checked the ebay feedback on yourbikesource and it turns out that yourbikesource's ebay id was suspended on 4/23/02.
May 10, 2002 7:24 PM
I just purchased some Atac Mtb pedals from these people on Ebay and they would not respond to my emails with any info that I asked for. I felt like I was talking to Bill Clinton, they dodged every question. I asked for a cancellation based on poor customer service and amazing enough they responded with a tracking number. I WOULD NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN. SORRY FOR THE BOOK.
re: anybody know on ebay?dearly
May 11, 2002 11:17 AM
They've apparently been reinstated by Ebay. They're a little slow to respond, but for the prices they are selling their items for it's worth the wait. I won 4 items from them and decided to send them proceed and send in the payment based on the positive feedbacks they've received.
re: anybody know on ebay?Abol98
May 13, 2002 7:03 AM
As a follow-up, I received my pedals today from them with no trouble.
Formerly All4Bikesjtolleson
May 17, 2002 4:03 PM
I bought my Easton CF bars AND seatpost from them with great success. My guess is that they got in over their heads financially and kind of fell apart for awhile. They went from all good to all bad in a heart beat. Then came back under the new seller name and couldn't get their stuff together.

At least that's my guess. Maybe more incompetent than crooked.