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A trade gone wrong---advice welcome(2 posts)

A trade gone wrong---advice welcomejhkelman
Apr 24, 2002 5:16 PM
Several weeks ago I traded my 1998 Z-1 fork in excellent condition for what I thought was an equivalent condition 98 Atom Bomb. The Atom Bomb, while in good cosmetic condition, had blown oil seals. I wasn't sure of this at first, but I had my trusted local shop confirm this and give me an estimated price for repair ($80 for the seals, oil and labor). I e-mailed the fellow I had traded with on this topic after confirming that indeed the fork had blown seals suggesting that we either trade back or work out some sort of compensation, with me providing both the receipt of the estimate and the ruined seals to him as proof of the fork's condition. This was Sunday the 21st, and I had last heard from the other guy as of Friday the 19th. I did not hear from him again, despite several e-mails informing him of the situation, until today (April 24). However, because he had always been prompt at responding to e-mails in the past (usually within 12 to 18 hours), by today I had assumed that he had decided to screw me over and was not going to respond, so I had the repairs done to the fork (to the tune of $88). In his response today, he stated that would trade back the forks. This obviously leaves me in a difficult situation. This is partially my fault for getting the repairs done so soon (my girlfriend had no fork while all of this was going on, thus preventing her from riding obviously), and I am willing to accept responsibility for my rashness. At the same time, he was responsible for the condition of the Atom Bomb that he shipped and claimed was in very good order, and was equally responsible for getting the situation rectified promptly since it was originally his mistake. Thus, I proposed to him that we split the cost of the rebuild, with me still providing the receipt and blown seals to him as evidence. I have not yet heard his response, but how does this strike other traders? Your input is appreciated, and thanks for reading.
re: A trade gone wrong---advice welcomenew1
Apr 25, 2002 3:30 AM
Sounds very fair to me. Good of you to acept your responsibility in this. Remember that generally in any trade/swap situation you wait to use, repair, pass on or sell your end until both parties have spoken and agreed that everything is satisfactory. That way these situations can be avoided. In any case remember that what you get back in a reversal may not be in the condition you sent it. He sent you something broken the first time, could happen again even though you sent it perfect. If you're happy with your item accept any outcome and stay happy!!