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BAD Trader-Tim Goodwin "FA-ST"( post)

BAD Trader-Tim Goodwin "FA-ST"(
Apr 5, 2002 10:30 PM
We aggreed on a price for 2 sets of new- in the box STI levers (1 DA, 1 Ultegra). I sent money order, and then had to hound him for almost a month to send the levers. When they arrived only the DA levers were new. The Ultegra levers were used and had no cables, etc with them. I contacted him regarding this and was told the parts would be shipped. Still waiting since January for the parts. Numerous e-mails not returned, and the used levers (left side) don't work properly. I was worked by this guy. Don't let him rip you off- and NEVER pay anyone with a money order unless you have the merchandise in hand and are happy with it. Ride Hard!