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Bad Trader- Jeff Miller(1 post)

Bad Trader- Jeff Millerbikendan
Mar 30, 2002 1:12 AM
this guy sold me a pair of speedplay frogs that he said came with cleats and that they were only used for a season. he charged me $73. when i got them they were pretty beat up and the cleats were missing the parts that lock them in. he only sent me the cleat body without the parts. i asked him if he had them and if he could, please send them. he replied that he did and he would send them or send me a new pair. i never heard back from the guy. i sent him about 15 emails and he never answered. i called and left messages. no reply. i finally called and he answered. he said that the new ones cost too much and hung up on me. this guy knew he was selling me damaged goods and ripped me off. one of the pedals needs a rebuild. so i'll end up spending more than if i had bought a new pair.