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Sixtufit Buttock Creme(3 posts)

Sixtufit Buttock CremeRULY
Feb 7, 2004 5:24 AM
Anyone used this product that Excelsports sells or another product better for chafed and sore butts,thanks.
I've used Chamois Butt'rSpoiler
Feb 8, 2004 8:21 AM
I apply it just to the seams where inner chamois panels are sewn together. I apply it also to the corresponding dark recesses on my body. It prevents the stitching from sawing a spot raw. Most new chamois material don't require the stuff on the panels themselves. The goop will actually clog up the material, preventing it from breathing/venting. If you're suffering from a general skin irritation or rash you might also try Born's powder.
I'm convinced that people like me, with sit bones that protrude or are not covered with thick layers of muscle, are more prone to saddle sores. I also think that the harder you train, the more prone you are to getting sores. It could be a combination of saddle time, suppressed immune system, and the tendancy to ride hard and forget to take breaks by standing while pedaling.
In Tucson, if I get back from a ride and don't get out of the short immediately upon return, I get sores regardless of any other precautions I take.
No poweder or creme will help simple muscle soreness that comes from muscle fatigue. That's just a matter of conditioning.
Udder BalmMel Erickson
Feb 8, 2004 4:01 PM
Get it at your local farm supply store. It might go by some other names but it's in the cow section. Prevents frostbite, too, and it's medicated. Works great and alot cheaper.