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Tubeless Road Tires(2 posts)

Tubeless Road Tireslaffeaux
Feb 6, 2004 12:50 PM
This is pretty interesting. From Brain:

Michelin Tubeless Road Tires Hit Pavement This Season

FEBRUARY 06, 2004 -- GREENVILLE, SC (BRAIN)--If Michelin has its way the tube will be going the way of the Dodo. European road pros are currently racing Michelin tubeless road tires, which the company developed using what it learned with its off-road tubeless models.

Michelin is releasing three models targeting general racing: Pro Race, Pro Grip for wet conditions, and Pro Special Paves, a 24-millimeter rough road version.

The tires are slated for consumer release next year.

Mavic is providing a special rim for the system.

The advantages of tubeless road tires are different than those of off-road, according to company spokesman Steve White, citing that one can ride a tubeless tire with a puncture much longer than a traditional punctured tire, which can go completely limp in seconds. Also, mounting the tire is easier than a traditional clincher, because there is no tube, he said.

France's other tire maker Hutchinson is also releasing tubeless road tires to the pros this year, and like Michelin will have consumer versions available next year. Hutchinson is also working on a rim-strip that may allow the tires to be used on standard clincher wheels.
re: Tubeless Road TiresBikinBrian
Feb 6, 2004 1:19 PM
Tufo already makes a few excellent "tubular-clinchers". I use the Jet Special,,and they allow you to use a normal/regular rim. I love em, but have not yet flatted on them (knock on wood!). Take a look at em on the internet when you get a chance,..