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Anyone try Ritchey V3 pedals?(4 posts)

Anyone try Ritchey V3 pedals?TNRyder
Feb 4, 2004 9:40 PM
I am getting a pair, and was curious if anyone else has had any experience with them. I will post a review as soon as possible after I get the chance to ride them, but I welcome the input of others. It lets me focus on things that I might otherwise not even notice.
DO NOT BUY THEM!mexican-JUMPING-frijoles
Feb 5, 2004 8:01 AM
I purchased them about a year ago, and in 5 months I broke two pairs. With the first pair I had issues with the right pedal not engaging properly and then not being able to disengage when needed. After two months I noticed that my foot felt loose inside the pedal. I checked and all the screws in both pedals where loose. I tightened them and after a few weeks it became a pre-ride ritual. After three months of owning, two crashes because of the pedals not releasing, damaged shoes (chainrings tore the side of my shoe once after I crashed because again, they did not release) and a broken cleat, I contacted Ritchey. They said that there had been some issues and they had been corrected, thus they sent me a new set of pedals. Same story with those pedals.After two months of owning them I called Ricthey again and they instead sent me a set of MTB pedals, which I asked for. I now ride Shimano SPD-SL and have had no problems.

Besides the problems I had, they also tend to scuff your cranks since they are positioned really close to them. Installation of cleats is a pain in the arse, as so if the pedals themselves since you can't use a pedal wrench, but instead need an allen wrench.
re: Anyone try Ritchey V3 pedals?LeadvilleBlues
Feb 5, 2004 8:26 AM
I went thru 2 pairs, both junk ! I'll never buy another Ritchey product because of those pedals.
re: Ritchey bearing quality?CdaleSteve
Feb 5, 2004 9:29 AM
I also have to question Ritchey quality. I have the older Logic pedals (the small SPD ones) and although I haven't had much working problems with them, the bearings were awful from day one. My wife's Specialized Allez came with Ritchey hubs, which after 100 miles the bearings felt like gravel. I used to have a Ritchey Logic headset on my mountain bike, but that too had bearing issues. I'd have to question where Ritchey specs their bearings.