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Does this happen to anyone else?(4 posts)

Does this happen to anyone else?MPH74
Feb 4, 2004 9:07 AM
I probably ride (outside or on an indoor trainer) an average of 2-3 hours per day. Every so often (once a month or once every two months), I sprain my neck. It just happened today while I was sitting still in front of my computer. It just tightened up and now it hurts and i can't move my head. I try to stretch my neck before I ride but I guess I'm not doing enough of it... I think the prolonged periods on the bike or trainer with my head bent upwards is causing this... any recommendations? is this peculiar only to me? it ususally happens when i'm off the bike at some random moment.... Thanks
Used to have a similar problem w/lower backCory
Feb 4, 2004 9:21 AM
I had a similar thing with my lower back for at least 20 years. It happened for the first time in Vietnam and continued, two or three or four times a year, until I was in my mid-40s. Somebody told me about a YMCA class called "Y's Way To A Healthy Back" and gave me the book. It gives a series of tips, mild exercises and stretches that really helped. I've gone from being almost bedridden a few times a year to an occasional twinge maybe once every year or two. No serious spasms AT ALL since I started the program, and I'm not very consistent about it.
Strengthening seems to be as important as stretching, and you need to balance the work--in my case, crunches and similar things helped as much as the back stretches, apparently because I'd neglected my abs (six-pack, hell--I had a whole pony keg). You probably don't need the class (I didn't take it), but the principles are worthwhile.
For immediate relief, try raising your handlebars. At about the same time I started the workouts, I raised my bars so they're level with the saddle. No drawbacks, that I can see (I'm not any slower), and the bike is a lot more comfortable.
re: Does this happen to anyone else?10kman
Feb 4, 2004 9:23 AM
Odd you mention this. My co-worker is having neck problems, and we are both software engineers.

He has been having it checked out, and basically, if you pinch a nerve, you can actually bruise it. Then, you continue to feel the pain, even though it's still not pinched, it's just swollen.

So, he was told to take high doses of Advil/IB to keep the swelling down on the nerve, so it can heal all the way.

But, if you slouch in your chair and stuff like that, that makes a huge difference to those random pains you get. Try to make sure your posture is somewhat decent.

Check bike position too, height of the bars, seat height, etc.
had that happen a couple weeks ago..._rt_
Feb 5, 2004 7:49 AM
my neck had been sore for probably 10-14 days but it wasn't bad so i ignored it and hoped it would just go away on it's own. then, while i was getting dressed to ride my trainer my neck went into spasm while putting on my jersey. i couldn't move my head for about a week!

what i did: i took 5 days off the bike and out of the gym. better to lose 5 days of training in Jan than a lot longer than that in the middle of the season, right? i also went on a steady diet of naproxin (like advil but you only have to take 1 pill 2-3 times/day instead of a handfull of pills every 4-6 hrs). then i bought a heating pad and alternated heat (to relax the muscles) and ice (to reduce the inflamation & swelling in the nerves etc). once the muscle pain was reduced, i stopped using the heat, increased my stretching and iced for 20 min after each ride. it took about 10 days but my neck feels much better now.

i've stuck to stretching my neck & back before & after rides and it seems to help.