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Riding around Columbia SC(2 posts)

Riding around Columbia SClvrvrs
Feb 3, 2004 6:36 PM
Does anyone out there know of good road rides around Columbia, South Carolina? I would also like to know what parts of town are best to live in for good access to uncrowded roads for riding.
re: Riding around Columbia SCmerckx56
Feb 3, 2004 6:50 PM
I live in Columbia, right in the heart of the old downtown neighborhoods. Living in Shandon/Rosewood and the surrounding little neighborhoods gives the best opportunity to get to the good roads. Ft. Jackson Army Base is about five minutes by bike from my front door. The base is closed to most vehicle traffic and has some great, traffic-free roads to ride on. It is also the best way to get out into the varied terrain around Columbia. Depending on which way I head when leaving the house, I can do a dead flat ride, or a hilly ride that would break a lot of folks spirits. Avoid Irmo and Northeast Columbia, as their explosive growth has pretty much rendered all road useless to bicycles. Lexington is a spot to be avoided too. Lexington is an okay place to live if you don't mind driving to the rides. If you want to ride out of your front door, live downtown. Rides are sporadic during the week in the winter, but there are two standing rides on the weekends. Saturday at 10am and Sunday at 10am. In the summer, there are rides on pretty much every day of the week, including the Tuesday Night World Championship Crit (50-60 minutes on a four corner flattish course--@27mph avg) and the Thursday hills ride.
Feel free to email me @ for more info about Columbia!