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Poll for Ebay Sellers - Worth it? Or Waste of Time?(8 posts)

Poll for Ebay Sellers - Worth it? Or Waste of Time?Fez
Feb 3, 2004 12:08 PM
My wife has been on my case to clear out various stuff from the house. We're not packrats; we live real lean and only buy what we need, but inevitably stuff accumulates.

We live more than comfortably, so we really don't need the money that Ebay brings in, but we just can't bring ourselves to throw perfectly good stuff away. Most of the things are audio/video, computer, cycling, other sporting goods or small jewelry items.

Most of our stuff sells for $200 or less, but we have already listed several dozen items. Even though there are no high dollar items, it does add up.

So the question is... IS IT WORTH IT? OR IS IT A WASTE OF TIME?

Taking the pics, writing the descriptions, answering email, tracking payments, shipping, etc. It takes more time than I originally thought!

What are some other Ebay Sellers' thoughts?
re: Poll for Ebay Sellers - Worth it? Or Waste of Time?rogue_CT1
Feb 3, 2004 12:38 PM
It's well worth it. Just make sure you take good pictures and write a good description and you can avoid a lot of questions. Also, I only accept Paypal so the transactions are quick and easy. The biggest pain for me is going to the Post Office every morning. Other than that it's always been a good experience.
Oh, yeah... if you are a seller, finding boxes is another painFez
Feb 3, 2004 12:45 PM
I haven't resorted to going to the dumpster yet :P

The guy at the local grocery store is really nice and he lets me have some boxes that the stockboys have just unloaded. Lots of assorted sizes and they are usually very clean.

The hardest part is shipping jewelry - I need bubble mailers and a small crushproof box to put inside it.
re: Poll for Ebay Sellers - Worth it? Or Waste of Time?KEN2
Feb 3, 2004 1:52 PM
Depends on the value you place on your time... personally I really get into periodic selling on ebay, but I accumulate stuff (mostly bike parts) and list maybe once a year, all on one day (Sunday is best if you do 7 day listings because more people are apt to be viewing as it closes). I accumulate various sizes of boxes from what gets delivered to the house so I mostly have everything for mailing out on hand. After the auctions are over, I package up what sold and make one or two trips to UPS or the PO. Anything not sold, I usually donate to charity.

An alternative: just donate all your stuff to Goodwill or another charity. You can get a receipt and write the value off on your taxes. Much easier, fewer steps, you feel good about someone needy potentially getting your stuff, you get a charity tax deduction.

I can't imagine actually throwing stuff away as you mention--what a waste of resources!
It depends on your goalsMootsie
Feb 3, 2004 2:48 PM
My wife and I have sold 30-40 items, mostly small stuff, but a few frames and higher dollar items over the last 18 months or so. We've netted $1500 - $2000. We view it as "mad" money and spend it on short weekend get-aways or more bike stuff. We enjoy watching our auctions and gain some satisfaction from having a perfect feedback score (75 reponses as of today). So is it worth it? For us yes.
Feb 3, 2004 2:58 PM
instead, just ship all of your extra cycling, a/v, computer and jewelry stuff to me. send me an email and i'll send you my address.

Depends on what your time is worthbimini
Feb 4, 2004 11:18 AM
I don't mess with anything that would net less the $25 unless I have several of the same thing to sell.

With all the steps involved it takes 15 minutes to an hour per item to prepare, post, close and ship (even with all the prep and tracking tools)

It also depends on if you like to wheel and deal. I do. Nothing better than buying an item at a garage or estate sale for $10 and selling on ebay for $500 or even $1000. It's great sport to watch the bidding action during the last few minutes of a hottly contested auction. When I was in between jobs for a few months I made 4-5K a month selling stuff on ebay. Made me reluctant to find a real job (ebay was more fun).

I still have a lot of money sitting in my Paypal account that I use to buy my cycling toys.

As you can tell I am a fan of ebay. It is free enterprise at work.
That's the equivalent of...Fez
Feb 4, 2004 11:37 AM
If you are talking about 4-5K a month, consistently, free and clear, and free of expenses other than your time and shipping...

Then that is roughly equivalent to going to a salaried job that pays 70K+

Kind of justifies temporary unemployment.