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attn: Snapdragen! We want to know!!(3 posts)

attn: Snapdragen! We want to know!!rollo tommassi
Feb 3, 2004 7:44 AM
spill the beans on how you got banned from bikeforums! hee hee!
It's all so Sillysnapdragen
Feb 3, 2004 7:24 PM
First a preface: I had left the board a while back with a flourish - full b!tch, no holds barred. So of course, then I continued to lurk. The topic was women's bikes, and the moderator said something to the effect of "I wouldn't go for a Terry bike- I got the catalog, and I just cringed when I looked at the bike- how the heck did they come up with the concept of having wheels of different sizes on one bike?"

This was the last straw for me - the person has been a burr under my saddle for a while now. So, since I'd gone out with such fanfare, I didn't want to use my old name, so I re-registered with totaly bogus info. OK - not the right thing to do, but I was in high gear by now, and I never intended to post to the board again.

My reply was "Once again unimportantnonamemoderator shows her extensive bicycling knowledge." Then posted a link to the Terry site explaining the bike geometry. Oh, and I called her a ditz.

She called me feebleminded 'cause I registered under a different user name, blah blah. When I tried to reply, and let her know I wasn't trying to hide anything, I found the second handle disabled. So, I tried my original handle - it's disabled too! Banned! I'm a baaaaaaaaaaad girl - so watch out for me.

These boards are so much better - please forgive me for straying.

I shall do penance......
I say keep going back!rollo tommassi
Feb 4, 2004 7:42 AM
I must confess that I went on the site and searched for posts by 'snapdragen' - only two were found ("String Theory" wink wink, and a music thread)

Nothing really wrong with your response to her, except the ditz part, but you came up with a differing opinion and apparently they/she can't handle that.

At least on this board people can handle opinions other than their own, the flaming is sporadic (but well monitored by Unditzy moderators), and when people bring up facts they're just facts, not 'fightin words'.