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Brake Problem - Ace Mechanics Help Please!(3 posts)

Brake Problem - Ace Mechanics Help Please!Saddle_Sore
Feb 3, 2004 6:21 AM
I am trying to build up a bike using some older components and a Reynolds 531c frame. It is going fairly well, but I have hit a big snag.

One of the Shimano 600 STI levers I am using is giving me grief. The gear cable normally has a small metal "plug" on one end, so that when you pull it through the STI lever, the plug settles into a holder inside the brake mechanism.

Somehow, the bit of cable with the plug on the end has come out of the holder, and got trapped inside the internal mechanism. I can see the cable itself, but not the cable end.

How do I get the cable out? Do I have to diss-assemble the entire brake (which looks nightmarishly complex)? Can I just cut the cable inside the brake and hope that the remaining bit with the metal plug on falls out? Do I need a new STI shifter lever altogether?

Someof you guys must have heard of this happening before.
Have you shifted it all the way?TJeanloz
Feb 3, 2004 6:44 AM
If the shifter isn't in the smallest ring position, you'll only see cable - no plug. You have to click the inner shifter all the way down to get itself into the right position to remove.

Knowing how tightly everything fits in there, I'd be shocked if it could "fall off" and get lost inside. Anything's possible, I suppose, but more likely, it just isn't in the right position.

Whatever you do, don't cut the cable - right now at least it's all connected, and you don't want some little bit floating around inside.
Cutting the cable would be a real bad thing to do.Spoke Wrench
Feb 3, 2004 8:41 AM
What you need to do now is to push from the derailleur end of the cable. Like TJ said, that's likely to work better in some gear positions than others. Experiment until you find the one that works. Push the cable all of the way out. Then, before you reinstall it, make sure the shifter is in the smallest cog position.

I hope that the brake cables go better. That one that really does have a little metal part that sometimes falls out.