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Shylock, good grief man(1 post)

Shylock, good grief manCARBON110
Feb 2, 2004 10:14 PM
Your a legend in your own mind.

You are still contradicting yourself in your own post. Use your words correctly I might add. I never stated anything about France being conservative but if we are going to discuss the intracacies of the French Gov. lets keep it to the last century ok?

The insuation is that the politik in France has an effect on le Tour...stick with the context of the subject at hand. Stop driveling on your overly loquatious outlandish and ostentatious babble.

If you'd like to discuss the matter concering France and its distinctions between conservatism and liberalism I'd be happy to educate you on it in the NON-cycling discussions.

Keep your pretentiousness at the office or among drinks with your friends. This isn't the atmosphere to extrapolate your rediculous and piss poor attempt at interpreting FACTS. There is no Fiction board yet but maybe Gregg can set you up.