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How long to adapt to new positioning?(2 posts)

How long to adapt to new positioning?maurizio
Feb 2, 2004 3:32 PM
How long do you think it takes the body to fully adjust to a new saddle position. I've moved mine up and forward as I discovered I was WAY too far behind the spindle (ala LeMond). Now I am about 1cm or so behind.
not long...C-40
Feb 2, 2004 3:54 PM
How much is WAY too far back? Most saddles only have 3-4cm of adjustment.

Also be sure that you didn't just hop on the bike and take the measurement. To insure accuracy, the bike should be ridden on a trainer for 5-10 minutes before taking the measurement. Also be sure that the bike is absolutely level, or the meaasurement will be off. Be sure that your foot is horizontal when taking the measurement. A helper is almost a must for accuracy, otherwise it's quite likely that the leg or foot position will move while you're dealing with the plumb bob.

Hopefully you moved the saddle up .3cm for each 1cm that it was moved forward. I've found that maintaining the proper saddle height is very important and most folks who post pictures on this site have their saddles too high.

See if you notice a lack of ability to apply torque with the new position. It may also increase your cadence a bit.