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more pop ups please(8 posts)

more pop ups pleaseeflayer2
Feb 2, 2004 6:35 AM
I really enjoy all the advertising on this site. Such a great opportunity to learn about products over and over again. Sometimes I tend to forget the things I see the first time, so the fact that this site provides the service of pop ups really makes it a wonderful place to visit. Keep up the good work.
I agreeFrith
Feb 2, 2004 7:03 AM
Sometimes I see the competetive cyclist ad at the top of this page and by the time I've scrolled half way down I've forgotton all about competetive cyclist. Luckily there's another nice big ad on the left to remind me.
I think I'll click it and buy something really expensive like a dogma, because hey, those flashy ads appeal to the lark in me.
I agreeSpoiler
Feb 2, 2004 7:41 AM
You sarcasm is not appreciated here. I must insist you berating this sites advertising practices. Popup ads are an effective, entertaining way to generate revenue. Many studies have been conducted to find the most appealing form of ad for consumers. Popups not only generate revenue, they bring a welcome smile to all our faces.

Seriously, I'm glad we've just had to deal with regular popups lately. I haven't seen the popup flash ads like the "Grind" movie ad in quite a while. Even popup blockers couldn't intercept those. That is progress.
I know yadda yadda yadda gotta pay the bills etc...Frith
Feb 2, 2004 10:09 AM
And I accept that. I like this site and i want it to stay and if that's what it takes then fine. Some ads cross the line (insane flashy dogma ad) though and that's when i say goodbye.
To be honest I'd pay for an ad free rbr. I'm guessing I'd be one of the few though and the wealth of info here would plunge.
So yeah ads are necessary but that doesn't mean I have to like it. In fact I feel it my duty as a user of this site to express my displeasure whenever possible. Afterall if it wasn't for us there would be no ads and no site and no revenue. I don't feel I'm out of line in requesting a less intrusive ad format and at the same time I won't be the least bit surprised if my request falls on deaf ears.
I know yadda yadda yadda gotta pay the bills etc...Spoiler
Feb 2, 2004 10:54 AM
I agree with what you're saying. I was one of the biggest voices of protest when the Flash ads came up. I was really offended by them because my popup blocker couldn't stop them. It's like if you're on the phone speaking to a friend and a telemarketer is able to call up and actually interrupt the conversation. Or if a door to door salesman has a key to your house made, so he can enter in without being invited in.
Maybe by comparison, the other blockable static popups don't seem quite so bad. Plus, I think I don't mind cycling-related ads quite so much as the anti-tobacco, IQ, and motion picture promos.
Yeah, I like 'em too - it means I don't have to pay to play! nmBowWow
Feb 2, 2004 8:15 AM
I really like it when I get 2 popups at once...gregg
Feb 2, 2004 9:23 AM
...that way I can plan my vacation AND find out my IQ at the same time!

Seriously, though, I hate double pops, but they're beyond my control. We have a contract with an agency that runs one popup campaign, and we have the Expedia/Bike Tires Direct campaigns also. The way the agency runs their ads, doesn't let us know when or where their ads are gonna pop, so we have two separate campaigns that may serve 1 pop each, at the same time. ARRGGHH!

I know you guys know, but RBR needs the money.

Not an official recommendation, and I know it's not an option for everyone, but I like the Google toolbar, myself. Easy to turn blocking on and off.

Not a prob for me.Kram59
Feb 2, 2004 1:35 PM
I found the IE internet pop up killer @ cnet. It is the best pop-up stopper I've ever used. Blocks what it should and 99% of the time doesn't block what it shouldn't. Here is the url if anyone's interested. BTW-its'free.