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Living it Italy?(4 posts)

Living it Italy?dave woof
Feb 2, 2004 4:41 AM
I will be laid off in a few months. (It's over water - don't ask) Last time I was laid off I spent 6 months looking for a job. Looking back I wish I had just went to Italy for a while and hung out and then came back to look for work. I'm going to do that this time.

I visited Italy in the early 80's (Lago Di Garda area), so I have a little experience..

Was just wondering if anyone here had taken an extended vacation in Italy - I'd like to live cheaply (i.e. cheap apartment/room for 2-3 months maybe, and just ride and eat everyday. I've seen a few websites geared toward tourists but not really any first hand accounts of people staying for a few months. Ideally, would really like to connect with an english speaking family in Northern Italy that would like a tenant for a few months.. Sort of like they have a son who is a away at school and the family rents the room kind of thing... Not the $60 per night hotel kind of thing.

Any advice - links - recommendations?
Thanks all

Dave Woof

btw - this would probably be between April and August this year. By August the job market will be picking up and I'll get back to work.
re: Living it Italy?dave woof
Feb 2, 2004 4:47 AM
By the way.. I did a search on 'Italy' but only came up with results from 2004. Can I search farther back?

Living In ItalyIndurain 03
Feb 2, 2004 12:49 PM
Your layoff may be a blessing in disguise. I lived in Italy for much of last summer and loved it. The cost of living in northern Italy is more than in the south. You might look at Sorrento. It is not in northern Italy, more toward Naples. It is a very quiet, peaceful city which boasts some amazing scenery and some decent climbing oppurtunities. Most of the people in Italy speak english; but you should brush up on/learn italiano.
buona fortuna!
re: Living it Italy?gtx
Feb 2, 2004 5:17 PM
Your best bet is probably towns/cities with lots of American college study overseas programs. Florence is a big one. You'll find a lot of people used to renting rooms to Americans. I lived in Florence for 7 months and had my bike and the riding was great. I lived three different places found word of mouth once I got there. But I bet most towns if you just show up and ask around and present yourself as clean and responsible you'll have some luck.