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New Bike Computer(2 posts)

New Bike Computermtnbikernc1979
Feb 1, 2004 11:46 PM
I just purchased the new Cateye Astrale 8 for my road bike. This was my first time installing a computer on a bike. I ended up having to go to Lowe's to purchase extra ties because I kept messing up on the way I was routing the wires. Is it me or are these things a pain to set up? Now that I got it looking half way decent I feel like the wires make my bike look tacky. Is there any way around this? One wire goes down to the front fork and the other down to the left chain stay for cadence. I know they make wireless ones but I don't know of any at my bike shop that has cadence with it. Also do the wire ties collect dirt over a period of time and eventually mess up the paint job? I don't want to be too picky but I want my bike to look like new for as long as possible. I thought about returning it but I think it could really help me train harder knowing my speed and cadence. Thanks everyone! Justin
A few tricks, but don't look closely...KeeponTrekkin
Feb 2, 2004 9:17 AM
at any computer wire placement as no wire enhances the clean look of a fork or frame.

Tricks I have used...
. Run cadence wire on bottom side of main tube and chainstay.
. Stretch wires tight, secure with wire ties, cover length of wire with length of good tape in clear or frame color (easy if your frame is black...)
. Loop excess wire, tie in a bundle with strong thread, secure in unobtrusive location with wire tie and/or tape.
. For speedometer pickup, loop wire loosely around front brake cable and lead to fork leg where it can be secured tightly and straight with ties and/or tape in an unobtrusive location (but not too close to flying road debris.)

Lastly, I like the reliability of a wired connection.