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Andy-M-S - Look what you made me do!(7 posts)

Andy-M-S - Look what you made me do!B2
Feb 1, 2004 9:53 PM
Couldn't pass up a great deal like that so I had to go out get one for myself. Seems like a pretty nice frame - can't wait to get out and see how it rides!

... was it Andy M S or the glowing eyes of that devil dog???Akirasho
Feb 1, 2004 10:06 PM
... looking good... now we can look forward to two reviews of the ride!

Be the bike.
must...not...look...must...not...look...must...not...look...(nm)JS Haiku Shop
Feb 2, 2004 6:18 AM
5W33T!Andy M-S
Feb 2, 2004 7:46 AM
Is that ANOTHER D-58? Man, if we aren't careful, we're gonna end up as common as OCLVs!

Very nice...what fenders did you use? I've just added some Planet Bike 35mm fenders to my Kogswell. Be sure to get in touch with KOG (the Kogswell Owners and post your ride!

We've got snow coming down today (9" expected total) , so it could be a little while before I get outside, but I've been impressed with the ride on rollers. I know that sounds odd, but the bike isn't jittery at all. I'm looking forward to actually getting outside with it!
Just took the SKS fenders off one of my other bikesB2
Feb 2, 2004 8:19 AM
I was using 700 x 35's but the D58 fork doesn't have enough clearance so I had to go and buy some 700 x 32's. 700 x 35 barely fit the rear, but I just went ahead and bought 700 x32's for both front and rear.

Hmmm.Andy M-S
Feb 2, 2004 8:28 AM
Heh. I don't think you're going to find much more clearance! There's someone on the KOG board who is looking at fitting 700x44(!!!) tires to his (just test fitting so far). I assume that you meant that you didn't have enough clearance once you added the fenders...

Did you purchase the components new, or take them off another ride? And what are the full specs, anyway--inquiring minds want to know!
Didn't even try the 700 x 35's without fendersB2
Feb 2, 2004 9:22 AM
It was very close with fenders so I imagine the 700 x 35's would work OK without fenders. The fork is substantially shorter than the IRD cross fork on my other bike. The IRD had tons of room with fenders and 70 x 35's.

All the components came off another bike. The only thing I had "buy" was chasing the BB and removing/reinstalling the crown race, cables, bar tape and tires. I had actually just built the wheels for my other bike so they are new though.

Sent my Niterider light in for repair so I can't commute right now. I'm usually off skiing on the weekends so it may be a week or two before I really get to take it our for a good spin.