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Whats up with modern football helmets?(3 posts)

Whats up with modern football helmets?the bull
Feb 1, 2004 6:53 PM
They could at least be made out of carbon fiber with ti grills! Another reason why I dont like football that much.
That and I am too skinny too play it.
I'm More Worried About....Gregory Taylor
Feb 1, 2004 7:56 PM
....what advertising executives think about the NFL's target audience. Was it lost on anyone watching the game (and I did watch the game) that not one, not two, but three pharmaceutical companies aired ads touting their drugs for erectile dysfunction?

The only thing that one can conclude from this barrage of ads is that watching football on TV is very, very dangerous for your weenie...probably much more dangerous than getting outside and riding a bike.
I think they're clueless...Steve-O
Feb 2, 2004 6:18 AM
I'm guessing that the advertising goes to the highest bidder and pharmaceutical companies seem to be doing pretty well these days (at least compared to other manufacturing industries).

The Superbowl has to be pretty tough to pinpoint the target market. How many 40 - 60 year old men are going to relate to P. Diddy, Kid Rock, and Jessica Simpson in a halftime show (I won't even get into Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson). How many kids are going to get into Aerosmith doing the pre-game (Speaking of which, what was with Aerosmith singing a Zepplin tune)?