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Sponsrd by Crisco -or- A tearful requiem for cold wntr hands(2 posts)

Sponsrd by Crisco -or- A tearful requiem for cold wntr handsAllUpHill
Jan 31, 2004 2:19 PM
Cold fingers have always been THE limiting factor for me in winter. I have super long and thin index, middle, and ring fingers, and poor circulation in these fingers. On today's 72 mile ride (started at 10F, ended at 28F), I think I solved the problem for good.

1. Coat hands liberally with Crisco. Not a thin, delicate layer. Spend some time rubbing a layer into the skin, then really pile it on in big globs.
2. Insert hands into latex gloves. This is easiest with the help of a friend to hold the gloves open. Actually, gloves made of that newer rubber substance (can't remember the name, starts with an N) would probably be a lot better than latex gloves.
3. Insert blubber/rubber-coated hands into normal winter riding gloves
4. Bask in the warm, glowing, warming glow. Periodically hold hands up to drain the perspiration out.
5. Get home, remove gloves and try to remain calm when you notice curious pieces of light-blue "funk" have formed under the gloves. Wash said funk off with warm water. I suspect this is from some reaction among the crisco, the talc powder inside the gloves, perspiration, and maybe the latex. No harmful side effects ... yet.

My apologies if this is an old trick among you guys. It's new to me, although inspired by the swimmers who put on similar greasy substances for warmth. And I think I've heard some of you recommend coating legs in vasaline for cold, rainy spring races.
"N" for Nitrile......I think I'll stick to lobster mitts.nmTower
Jan 31, 2004 5:46 PM