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small bars question plus custom bars(2 posts)

small bars question plus custom barsandy02
Jan 30, 2004 6:41 AM
I saw yesterday someone posted about the trend in using really wide bars. What is the full history of this?

I currently ride slasa pro 38cm bars but am going to get a set of the race lite flat top bars. My wife has them on here P1 and I like them better then mine.

However, I was wondering does anyone make carbon 38cm bars? I was waiting for the XXX lite but I don't know if 38cm will be made.

Also, I would reeally like to have a V type shape to the top of the bar allowing for a better climbing position. Keeping the drops of course. Can custom bars be made?
when 38 does not equal 38....C-40
Jan 30, 2004 7:02 AM
Salsa bars are measured c-c while others like Deda, TTT and ITM are measured outside to outside. If you get a brand measured by the later method, you would want a 40, not a 38. There are 40cm carbon bars out there, Deda for one.

I know of no one making custom bars. With the high cost of standard carbon bars, I can't imagine what it would cost.