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Saddle recommendations for a Century Ride...(6 posts)

Saddle recommendations for a Century Ride...FL_Rider
Jan 30, 2004 5:09 AM
Well I am doing my first Century Ride next month. I have done Metric Centuries (62 Miles)before on my MTB with slicks but this is my first one on a road bike.

I use a San Marco Apiside on both my road and MTB bike and I am wondering should I stick with it or go with a more padded saddle like a Flite or Flite Gel?

The Apiside is very comfortable to me, but never put more than 50 miles at one time on it. I using the PI Microsensor shorts on the ride.

Thanks for any suggestions!
re: Stick with what you've got...Mike Prince
Jan 30, 2004 5:15 AM
If the Aspide is fine on a metric or a 50-miler, no reason to believe it won't be on a century. There's nothing magical about a century that warrants big changes. Eat a lot, drink lots during the ride and you'll be fine.

Good luck
A Century Ride is not the time to change thingsbigrider
Jan 30, 2004 5:34 AM
If what you have works and is comfortable for the longest ride you have done to date, there is no reason to change anything. There is this tendency to mess with stuff that already works until it doesn't work as well as it did before you started messing with it. Engineers and little curious boys are the greatest offenders.

Ride the ride with what you have. Change hand positions frequently, stand occasionally, and drink and eat.
re: Saddle recommendations for a Century Ride...bsdc
Jan 30, 2004 5:49 AM
4-6 hours on the bike! Man, your butt's going to hurt not matter what you're on. If you're comfortable on your current saddle for 50 miles, it will probably be fine for the century. Enjoy!
Thanks guys! I stick with the Apiside. [nm]FL_Rider
Jan 30, 2004 12:32 PM
done 3 centuries with an SLR, and survived. nmweiwentg
Jan 30, 2004 9:01 PM