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Installing Cane Creek Integrated Headset - Clearance Issues(2 posts)

Installing Cane Creek Integrated Headset - Clearance Issuesmaurizio
Jan 28, 2004 3:10 PM
I'm installing a Cane Creek Integrated Headset on a new frame/fork. The headset crown/race that attaches to the fork sort of expands to fit. There appears to be too much material (read: carbon)on the fork which is expanding the race outward.
When I install the headset, this creates a good 2-3MM gap between the frame and fork.
How do I get this clearance to be correct? Do I machine away the excess carbon so the race doesn't expand so much thus dropping the frame closer to the fork?
Smaller race = deeper inside the bearing cup = closer tolerance....
re: Installing Cane Creek Integrated Headset - Clearance IssuesC-40
Jan 28, 2004 3:41 PM
Is the outside of the steerer, where the crown race seats, smoothly machined and 30.1mm (1.185 inch)diameter? If so then there's nothing wrong. Altering the diameter is impossible to do accurately at home and it would not change the vertical position of the race significantly.

There should never be any need to "machine" any material from the diameter of a crown race seat. It is possible for the bottom surface to have a build-up of clear coat that might need scrapped off, but this would generally be very thin.

When the fork is assembled, there has to be some gap between the headtube and fork. 2-3mm does not sound excessive. What do you think the clearance should be?