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Eom 16.5 and 853(4 posts)

Eom 16.5 and 853pina
Jan 28, 2004 6:24 AM
A friend of mine asked me, "What are the differences between 853 versus Eom 16.5?"
EOM 16.5 and 853Nessism
Jan 28, 2004 7:23 AM
Dedacciai makes EOM 16.5 whereas 853 is Reynolds. Both are top of the line within their manufacture's line up. For all intents and purposes the metal is equal so the differences come in regarding the tube diameters and thickness. With regard to this, 853 is offered in a wide variety of configurations so a builder can tailor the ride quality all the way from flexy to super stout. EOM 16.5 has fewer tubes to choose from so there is less flexibility in choices. The available tubes are super oversized and very thin. Should build up into a cutting edge lightweight frame - maybe a little fragile in terms of dent resistance.

Compared to some other super thin walled tubing on the market such as Columbus Ultra Foco (newer tubes) and True Temper S3, EOM 16.5 is thicker in some areas so it can't be considered cutting edge in terms of fragileness anymore. I don't have a newer Reynolds catalog handy but last time I checked, 853 tubes were generally thicker, in the butt regions, and thus should be a little more fault tolerant.

All are good stuff in the hands of a competent builder.

Good luck.


PS: some links to tubing specs
EOM 16.5 and 853certainfate
Jan 28, 2004 7:49 AM
One of my bikes is built with Deda EOM 16.5... It is very fragile... and does dent easy. I would also think there is a weight limit... I know my frame recommends riders 180 and less. For a steel frame it is light. My whole bike comes in around 16.5 lbs. Probably more like 17. The material reminds me of a surfboard in that it can take a lot of pressure, alot of force, a lot of power, but gently bump it into something hard and it will ding! The ride quality is superb... It is fast, quick, responsive...
853 Pro (Lemond) is very sturdy,Spunout
Jan 28, 2004 8:25 AM
and stiff. Can't tell the difference from an Al Merckx. But, I think 16.5 is available in a few different tubesets, there is a more useable set other than the ultralight tubes. Look at Pegoretti's Marcelo, obviously using a heavier guage.