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Cycling in France on Company Dime!(2 posts)

Cycling in France on Company Dime!purduem
Jan 27, 2004 11:43 AM
My company is sending me to Nice/Cannes in south of France for six days. Want to get in some riding before and after meetings. Can anyone recommend good info sources? Routes? Shops? Not sure if I want to pay for/lug bike over there, so any high-end rentals might be helpful.

re: Cycling in France on Company Dime!ms
Jan 27, 2004 12:56 PM
I recommend Lonely Planet's Cycling France:

My copy is at home, so I cannot consult it. But, I think that it has some routes in the Nice/Cannes area.

I have not ridden in the area, but I spent two weeks there once upon a time (my honeymoon, 16+ years ago). There are lots of hills and nice towns inland from the coast. St. Paul de Vence, which is near Nice, was one of my favorites -- if you have $$$, dine at the Colombe d'Or -- it is a tourist trap, but still worth a visit for both the food and the art. Also, the Matisse Chapel at Vence is worth a visit. Further inland is an ancient town, Tourette sur Loup, that I also found to be very interesting.

Another $$$$$ restaurant that is worth a visit is Roger Verge's Moulin de Mougins, which is just outside of Cannes.

Before Lance Armstrong moved to Spain to avoid French taxes, he used to live and train in this area. I think that you will find much to enjoy both on the bike and off of it.