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Reynolds Stratus DV Wheelset?(4 posts)

Reynolds Stratus DV Wheelset?Vimalakirti
Jan 27, 2004 9:44 AM
Anybody ride the Reynolds Stratus DV? There are no reviews in the review section of this website. I know they're light--are they reasonably sturdy? Are they that much more aero than my Ksyriums? My club can get a really good deal on them. I need to know if I want to part with my hard-earned dollars, or whether to wait and buy a disk in a few months. I'll be using them for tris/TT races, so aerodynamics are the primary consideration.
re: Reynolds Stratus DV Wheelset?rogue_CT1
Jan 27, 2004 10:36 AM
I just won a set off ebay last night so I haven't used the Reynolds version yet but I do have LEW wheels. You may be aware that the Reynolds Stratus wheels are basically the same as LEW except that the Stratus are 21mm wide where the LEWs are 19mm. According to the man I spoke with at Reynolds, they have also improved the materials and production process over the LEWs which also made them stronger.

What I can tell you about my experiences with the LEWs is that they are extremely stiff and durable. I can feel absolutely no flex when climbing out of the saddle and I weigh 210 lbs. The rims are absolutely the strongest carbon rims made and from talking to Reynolds and other sources the Stratus wheels are even stronger. Just like the Stratus my LEWs are laced to White Industries LTA hubset which is awesome. They are the smoothest hubs I've ever seen. The White hubs are also the only hubs with flanges capable of handling the incredibly high spoke tension used in these wheels. This tention is also responsible for the strength of the wheels.

Now, lets talk about weight. These things are unbelievable! Even with a mounted tire and a Ti skewer they are lighter than my Ksyrium SL's and Zipp 404 (clincher). And at 46mm rim depth they are pretty aero too. I don't consider the K's aero at all and in reality it is pretty tough to judge how aero a wheel is based soley on feel. I've never used them on my TT bike since I have Specialized Tri-spokes so I have no way of comparing actual numbers on aerodynamics. When I get the Reynolds I might just run a 10 mile TT test to see how they stack up against the tri spokes.

As far as deciding between a disc and the Stratus that is purely up to you. Do you primarily do TT's or road races or both? The great thing about these wheels is that you can use them for TTing, crits and road racing. I plan on even using mine for training. I figure since I paid so much for them I might as well use them.

I'll give a ride report as soon as I get my wheels and get the tires glued on. That is if it ever stops snowing!
I have !CARBON110
Jan 27, 2004 2:05 PM
I am ordering a pair of clinchers but I have ridden the tubies. I own a pair of Cane Creek Aros tubulars and I spent a week on Bontrager X-lite carbon tubies and this is how I would surmise the three:

The Reynolds offers excllent braking in rain for an all carbon rim. It is very stiff and very fast in accelerating. It is built better then the X-lite Carbon wheels offering a much smoother ride and NO friction from either wheels unlike the all to common wobble of Bontrager X-lite carbons.

The Reynolds is a very intelligent depth (46mm) and is deeper then Bontragers but not as deep as Zipp 404s/cane creeks. However, it offers VERY fast acceleration,light weight especially the Ultra Light DV Reynolds ( yum )but you receive very little cross wind effect unlike the Cane Creeks. It is stiffer and more safe I would gather then the Bontragers due to its spoke lay out. The nipples are hidden to add more aero performance and the Reyonlds are Monuque rims unlike every other wheel out there. They have one mold unlike the new Zipps who have 8pieces. The older Cane creeks are very good wheels and tip top for TTing but the acceleration,lack of cross wind effect weight and buid quality of the Reynolds surpass all 2003-2004 Tubular aero wheels in its prce range of UNDER $1700
I have !doctorbarth
Feb 3, 2004 6:48 AM
I spoke with you about different carbon wheelsets late last year and I had a few more questions for you. I would like to make sure you get this post before typing them all out. If you get this, let me know. Thank you!!!