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need advice for new bike(3 posts)

need advice for new bikederek1441
Jan 26, 2004 6:48 PM
i'm just learning the ropes about biking and i really want to get into it. i'm looking for a bike to mostly get around town, some paved trails, but advanced enough for if i really get into biking. (which i think i will)

i've been thinking about the fx7700. what do you think? what would be a reasonable price to pay for it? what care is required? are helmet's necessary? what about theft?

as you can see, i need quite a bit of help. thanks for anything you can offer.

Get a road bike. Trust me.JohnnyCat
Jan 27, 2004 9:10 AM
Probably not the best forum to ask about a hybrid.

I thought many of the same things you thought at first. I contimplated riding a few trails and didn't want to be limited to just riding on the road. I had no clue of what I wanted. I thought about mountain bikes, then comfort bikes, then hybrids, then cyclocross and realized I kept gravitating towards performance and speed. Well once I took a few rides on a road bike it was clear that nothing would do except a road bike. The reason is one quickly gets addicted to the speed. If you're not into speed its also easy to realize that a faster bike will allow you to go farther and experience more. Also, when you come across your first strong wind you will be cursing the upwright position and lack of drop handlebars. The fact that you mentioned the 7700fx is quite interesting, because that's the last bike before making the plunge into "real" bikes. I urge you to make the plunge. If price is the issue as it always is with road bikes, I hear you. When I first thought about getting into biking about 3 years ago my budget was only $500 for a bike, and I knew I couldn't get a road bike. Well I was lucky enough to pick up a road bike for a song(under $250 for a used one). Its not the best, but I can keep up with if not beat a lot of other roadies with $3000 bikes. As I rode I realized how much I loved biking, and I would say my budget grew about $500 every 6 months. Now my absolute cap is $3000 for a road bike. I think it will stay there beacaue most will tell you that after this you aren't getting any bang for your buck. The reason bikes are expensive is because the companies know that if you have the bug you will pay almost anything. If you don't think you have that kind of money I assure you its just because you haven't thought of biking as a main priority...yet.

Truth be told helmets aren't necessary. They do however protect you from needing to relearn the alphabet. I'm pretty confident in my own skills, but anything can happen that can cause you to wreck: bad drivers, popped tires, fatigue Also when traveling at 30+mph on a half inch of rubber a helmet just doesn't seem that dorky anymore.

No offense, but if you get a 7700fx theft won't be a problem. just kidding

I don't what your roads are like or what you really plan to do with the bike, so it might be fine. You might consider getting a used bike, until you fully know what your dream machine is.
see the new rodale press magandy02
Jan 27, 2004 9:37 AM
The current bicycling mag for info on the 7700. I have several road racing frames and have ridden the 7700 it is a nice bike for what it is for. If you are looking for fitness and transportaion it is one of if not the best out right now. But if you want a group ride go with a 1000-1500 range trek.