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1st race report...or Murphy's Law (sigh)...(3 posts)

1st race report...or Murphy's Law (sigh)...MVN
Jan 25, 2004 9:31 AM
I did my first race yesterday, a 12 mile time trial. My first practice run 3 weeks ago was 39 min. 37 sec. My second run was 38 min. 20 sec. Yesterday was well...shall we say, not the best of conditions, lol. 48 degrees at start time, light rain and wind. As I was riding over a hill to the start line, I hear "flump, flump, flump." I look down at my rear wheel and it's flat. At that very second, I hear my name being called to the start line over the bullhorn. This was THE fastest I've ever changed a flat, but I didn't get the rock out of my tire, didn't have time. This will come back to bite me on the a$$ later, lol. A team member comes up the hill as I'm descending like a demon and says, "Mark, what happened?" I tell him and he says, "Just go, don't even stop, man!" So I sprint to the start line and I slow down and they tell me to get in line. The holder tries to hold me and the start guy says, "He's 10 seconds behind, just go!" So I take off. Everything goes well for 3 miles, then I look down and my tire is getting softer. I don't wanna stop, so I keep going. 2 miles later, the rain gets worse. I think, "not too bad, I've ridden in the rain before." I reach the turnaround and go back the other way. Now the wind hits. A nice headwind and heavier rain. My legs are dying because I didn't have much time to get used to my new aerobars and the different position. This tells me I should have done the race with my usual position. Oh well, hind sight is always better than foresight. 2 miles from the finish line my tire is almost flat again. I make the decision to stop and re-fill it with CO2. Cost me some time? You bet, lol. Anyway, I find my legs again and kick up my pace and just when I think I'm close, I sprint. Problem was, I was still a km away according to the neon green sign I came up on around the corner, lol. I dig deeper than ever before and wind up my sprint again. I cross the line at 21 mph and ride all the way back to my truck. A team member says, "Man if I knew you had a flat I'd have given you a wheel." I told him it was my rear, and he said he didn't have one. Anyway, I'm spent and decide it's a live and learn thing. I should have checked my tires more closely the night before, but I didn't. They are new tires and I thought they were fine. I still haven't gotten the official times yet, but I know it wasn't as good as my trial runs. It was a lot of fun though, even though everything that could have gone wrong pretty much did. I really like time-trialling, it's more fun than climbing. Maybe climbing well be more fun when I lose a few more pounds, lol. Our club won 4 out of six places in the race, though, so that was a real positive thing for us.
re: 1st race report...or Murphy's Law (sigh)...CARBON110
Jan 25, 2004 10:38 AM
That is GREAT! I mean, I'm sorry it was so difficult for you but what a recovery! Hey buddy, I tip my hat to you for just doing your first TT in the rain, riding despite your flat and continuing not to give up. That's what its all about amigo and you are at the advent of a new world.

Just think of all the things you have yet to learn: Your first crit, circuit race, stage race, your education in preperation, riding with a team or club or racing with friends. Travel to new palces, new country sides to see, fields of 80+ riders, being in the rainbow colors of the peloton.

Man it is a blast! Racing in rain, in the fall or on those blistering hot days where your hands swet so much you are sliding off the handle bars LOL! Passing people in Time Trials! What a feeling that is! Dropping people on a climb or being dropped and fighting back to beat those who dropped you...redemption!

Yes triumph over adversity whether your Lance Armstrong or a lonely cat 5 not giving up or giving in to the wind, bad moods, technical difficulties or just beating your best time on the local 18% grade gap feels pretty much the same to everyone I imagine...simply awesome!

I have to tell you, after I busted the hell out of my tibia fibula and smashed my ankle due to being hit by a car,the best feeling I have experienced that I alone owned was my return 5 months later to the weekly pace line.

At the end of every weekly pace line there is a huge long hill. Its called dump hill. When we got to the bottom of it, after hammering for 36 miles in a double pace line I attacked without concern for my leg or anything else. I just took off. There are pros in our pace lines and they eventually caught me about 2 minutes later and blew by me but I tagged on the back to only be dropped a short time later but nothing, I mean nothing could have taken away my grin =)

I wish you luck and more fun in your next bike endeavor
Big deal:I was about 8 minutes late to the state TT's last year.hrv
Jan 25, 2004 6:48 PM
My 2nd year at it. Had a mechanical that took me forever to sort out, wanted to not even start I felt so bad, but figured I already drove about 2 1/2 hours to do it, what the heck. I'm glad I did, it was an experience I wouldn't have traded for anything, one more notch in my belt of racing experience.

What did I learn, and you should too? Allow waaaaaay more time than you think for warming up and potential problems! S&8t will happen! Welcome to the club of pain!