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I'm sitting here eating an Accelerade slushee that I've(4 posts)

I'm sitting here eating an Accelerade slushee that I'vebill
Jan 25, 2004 9:08 AM
been carrying around frozen for the last three hours because I couldn't drink it. I'm spooning it out.
wooowee it's cold.
Dude, Sorry That I Bailed....Gregory Taylor
Jan 25, 2004 9:29 AM
...on riding with you reprobates this morning. The 'Butt's did their Trash Pick Up on Saturday (8 am -- average temperature about 21 degrees, spitting snow), and I deemed it unwise to test the benevolence of the Queen Of Her Species. Especially since it looks like snow, and the kid will probably be home from school tomorrow.

The results of the Team Lardbutt Adopt-A-Highway Trash Pick Up were illuminating:

Total 'Butts Involved: 9
Total Doughnuts Consumed: 24 (12 "assorted", 12 Krispy Kreme)
Total Cups Of Coffee: Unknown
Total Trash Bags Filled: 20

The Trash Bag/Doughnut Ratio usually runs 1:1, so we got a little behind on our trash picking yesterday. We did find some amusing stuff, most notably some rather deviant pornography (an amusing/horrifying DVD case, mercifully sans DVD). Based on the number of beer bottles, Red Bull cans, and condom packages that we found, Fairfax County is inebriated, invigorated, and sexually active, in the fullest sense of that term.
re:20:24 -- not only doesn't sound bad, but I've alwaysbill
Jan 25, 2004 9:44 AM
heard that it was quality and not quantity that mattered. Just ask the drunken porno and Red Bull freak (Red Bull! have you ever TASTED that stuff?) who left that crap behind.
You didn't miss much, my civic-minded friend. Just a couple of frigid, kind of pathetic dudes who quickly lost bravado but were too cold even to admit that until turning back was no more attractive than going forward. I was asked this question, "Are we hard core, or just stupid?" To which the only proper answer is, "Are they different?"
Glad you got what seems a very decent 9-Butted turnout. Love to hook up with you guys someday soon.
I've Convinced Jose...Gregory Taylor
Jan 25, 2004 1:17 PM
...that sitting in with the Coppi's a few time before you guys start seriously beating on each other is a priority. He wants to do a couple of races this year, and I think that he will need company. And I've got my eye on a three-race Dirt series at Wakefield and Fountainhead. Just the thing for the ageing family man on a short leash.

Red Bull is NASTY. Liquid Sweet Tarts. The taste takes me back to grade school.