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which wireless bike cpu you use?(6 posts)

which wireless bike cpu you use?dan K
Jan 23, 2004 8:24 PM
The good ones.... and any to avoid?

Trying to decide between Cateye Cordless 2 or the Ascent Delta V.
Schwinn Stingray cordless, better than Cateye Cordless 7 thatc722061
Jan 23, 2004 8:40 PM
I also own. The Schwinn has been used constantly for the last 2 years,been used in temp from 0F to 100+F with no problem. Only one BIG button to operate. It's is cheaper than most main stream cpu.
All have their problemslyleseven
Jan 23, 2004 9:35 PM
I am going back to wires due to interference and other problems with wireless. Problems with Sigma, Cateye, Axiom (the worst!)
You missed the worst of thempitt83
Jan 24, 2004 5:55 AM
Vetta V100. What a worthless piece of dung that thing was!

If the Axiom lasted longer than my vetta (1 week), I win!
2 V100's and the fork mount broke on bothDave Hickey
Jan 24, 2004 9:01 AM
On one, I couldn't get the battery cover to stay in place. Worthless POS............
I have had good luck with the wired V55
Specialized Turbo Pro !Marcus75
Jan 24, 2004 8:32 PM
I highly recommend this! It has all the bells plus it has a cadence capibility. Great for keeping accurate training info! Big display great for four eyes like me! After several hundred miles, it still works great!

At $100, its fair priced compare to other system w/ cadence reader.

Only vice is that they don't have a separate mount kit available (its soo new that they don't have it yet)!