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Los Angelinos: watch for the Glendora PD(4 posts)

Los Angelinos: watch for the Glendora PDlikeguymontag
Jan 23, 2004 8:05 PM
My fellow cyclists and I were all isued tickets for blowing a stop sign in Glendora today. The setup looked like a stop-sign-running trap, and the cops gave me the impression that they were on the lookout for disorderly cyclists. They had the gall to tell us to ride in the bike lane (where the cops had their cars parked) and commented that next time we should drive to wherever we wanted to ride.

Obvously, the solution is to obey traffic laws, but I have a hard time following the letter of the law while on my bike. Glendora is on the approach to one of the best LA rides - the Glendora Mountain Road / Glendora Ridge Road hill climb. If you're riding in the area, obey the law, or at least watch your back.

Last Saturday on the Montrose ride.........lanterne rouge
Jan 23, 2004 9:22 PM
They (Glendora PD) pulled over the whole "Long ride" group and issued citations. Did a Low and Slow ride (low gears, slow pace) with a friend and was looking forward to meeting some old riding buddies for the ride back home but was told of the situation. They have been giving this particular ride grief for the last few weeks. I had been doing that ride regularly throughout last season and have been wanting to join in the fun again but my off season form is severely lacking right now. I suppose there is a silver lining in every cloud huh?
re: Nothing wrong with a little bit of police action but...aOldMan
Jan 24, 2004 6:53 AM
They should get their priorities straight! When was the last time they gave a ticket to a motorist for violating a cyclists right of way?

In almost 40 years of riding I have been cut off, run off the road and basically been abused on the road by car drivers that think that they own the road. Never it all those years have I seen or heard of a police officer giving a ticket to a motorist for not respecting a cyclists right-of-way.

It grates me when I hear about cyclists getting tickets for blowing a stop sign when hundreds of cyclists are killed every year because motorists did not respect a cyclist on the road. It looks like these cops have their priorities a little messed up.

Cyclists should respect all road signs. Likewise car, SUV and truck drivers should also respect cyclist right to a safe ride. There needs to be a balance. Obviously this town is trying to make a political statement more than a safety statement. I have seen it before. People complain about too many cyclists riding through a town and slowing down traffic. Next thing you know, cyclists are blocked or discouraged from riding through the town for various reasons. It annoys me to no end.
re: Nothing wrong with a little bit of police action but...jm3
Jan 24, 2004 8:33 PM
Show up to court en mass. Have a speaker for the group and exlain to the magistrate (probably not a Judge)that is is far safer for the entire group to go through the intersection at once rather everyone stopping one at a time and confusing motorists. Oh wait, did the group stop in the first place? If not, you're SOL.

While maybe not an option this time, this is a good arguement 1. beacause its true, and 2. because the "Judge" is likely an attorney hoping to be elected to the bench some day. If a large group of voters, er, those who were cited show up in court, you've got a very good chance of getting off. This is especially true if you have a good presentation. If you win, they won't be able to cite you again in that manner.

Was there a Police Officer in the group who got cited? If so, he/she can testify about the safety issue.

The enforcement is likely due to citizen complaints. I've ridden Montrose enough to know this is not a vehicle friendly crowd - there's a lot of attitude on that ride around motorists. Also, large groups of cyclists occupying large parts of the roadway are very confusing to motorists. While you know what the group will do, they don't. It's true that motorists need to respect cyclists, but if we're to be honest with ourselves, cyclists probably run more stop signs and red lights than cars do (as a percentage).