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Finally opened the Xmas present(5 posts)

Finally opened the Xmas presentChicago_Steve
Jan 23, 2004 7:51 PM
The Christmas present was finally completed this week. I got in my first ride in on a new Guru Veloci'Ti. The bike was bought complete with a set of Spinergy Xaero's which went on eBay right before the holidays. The profits were used to lace up my own wheels.

The bike...

The wheels... Specs here

Guru is a small builder out of Montreal probably more known for their tri bikes. The tend to make a pretty nice Ti road frame. The top tube flattens out as it approaches the head tube.

Rear seatstays.... Welds are pretty clean.

Massive Chainstays (ala Moots) with some nice curves should help keep the rear end fairly stiff.

I live in an older loft building so the bikes are all stored above my head. A pully system helps to suspend the new ride.

Thanks for looking... Steve
re: Finally opened the Xmas presentAkirasho
Jan 23, 2004 8:19 PM
... so do those Airborne QRs get along with the Guru Ti??

Does Guru build their Ti frames in North America or are they contracted (could be a closer Airborne connection than we think?)?

Looks like Breezer style rear dropouts... neat. Welds look great and overall appearance is well balanced... hope it rides as good as it looks!

Be the bike.
A little more about these guys...Chicago_Steve
Jan 23, 2004 8:51 PM
Here's a link on one of their aluminum frames and a defunct Lightning Cycles interview on them. The Airborne Skewers haven't bawked yet! Best $15 I ever spent (and no longer for sale on their website).

We interviewed Rob from Guru Bikes to find out what sets them apart from other manufacturers:

L/C: What makes Guru special?

Rob: Basically we work closely with our suppliers to distinguish ourselves. The aluminum we use was originally designed for the aerospace industry. Columbus worked with a metallurgical firm to target the aerospace industry with a lighter and stronger aluminum. Currently it is the lightest tubeset available, yet is 10 times as strong as any others on the market.

L/C: How was this accomplished?

Rob: One of the keys is the heat treat process. In Europe, anyone who buys this tubeset must return the welded frame to Columbus for the heat treat. We work with our own shop in Montreal. Columbus allows us to do this because each batch of frames is certified with a coupon. A coupon is a sample tube that is sent to an independant lab for analysis, this certifies each frame we make.

L/C: Aluminum is a material that cannot be designed to an infinite fatigue life. How does Guru design to compensate for this?

Rob: Columbus has specifications for tubing sizes which we follow. In addition, we guarantee our welds for the life of the frame. In 5 years of business and 1500 frames per year, we haven't had one come back yet.

L/C: How much does an aluminum Guru frame weigh?

Rob: Our Starship weighs 2.2 lb for a 56cm. This compares with a Reynolds 853 at 3.7 lbs. A 54 unpainted weighs in at 940 grams.

L/C: What criteria do you use to design frame geometry?

Rob: Our aluminum models are designed a bit more agressive with climbing / crit / racing in mind. Most of our designers are crit racers. Our steel and Ti models are designed to reflect a comfortable ride, however they are slightly more agressive than standard European dimensions.

L/C: Tell me a little about the bikes that were built for Simon Whitfield.

Rob: Basically Simon sent us an e-mail with his measurements. From there we analyzed the courses he would be racing on, mostly meandering courses with some climbs. We designed 2 frames, both to isolate the quads, yet save the hams for the run. One was a tri layout, the other more of a road bike for some climbing races. The results were clear. Simon has told us this is the fastest bike he has ever ridden.
re: Finally opened the Xmas presentSkidoo
Jan 24, 2004 12:13 PM
I hope that madien voyage was on a trainer or rollers indoors! No way could I force myself to ride outside at anytime during the past week - what with all the slop, ice and salty slush around Chi-town. The Ti can handle the abuse, but not me!

Nice looking rig - with those Breeze-in drop outs it reminds me of my Dean. What size is it?
After the next couple of rides, don't forget to post a review.
Well... XC skiing today...Chicago_Steve
Jan 24, 2004 1:21 PM
I took a chance on Wednesday and rode the bike to work. 20F is about my cutoff and most of this week has been too cold but Wednesday was the exception. Fortunately I got a workout in this morning on the skis by cicumnavigating Waveland Golf Course.

The bike's a 56cm. A local shop (On The Route) sold Guru's up until last year. Outside of the triathelete crowd, most people have never heard of the brand so the shop stopped selling them. I picked it up for a good discount and am looking forward to getting in a lot more miles when things warm up.