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Speaking of women...I thought this was a great pic(17 posts)

Speaking of women...I thought this was a great picCARBON110
Jan 23, 2004 8:12 AM
What a great combo Jersey and bike. Check the bottle out to! She certainly earned it =D
What girl? Who cares about the girl....eschelon
Jan 23, 2004 8:31 AM
but damn, look at the sweet-ass bike! My next bike is going to be a Giant T-Mobile team issue bike!
Nothing more sexy then a female National Champion!CARBON110
Jan 23, 2004 8:43 AM
On Carbon =D

Not Carbon110 though =/
re: Speaking of women...I thought this was a great picWoof the dog
Jan 23, 2004 8:45 AM
her face looks kind of ugly though

It's always something....PseuZQ
Jan 23, 2004 8:55 AM
What's she supposed to do, put vaseline on her teeth so she can smile all purdy like a beauty queen? WTF...
Total class Woof, your post is all class baby rofl!CARBON110
Jan 23, 2004 8:59 AM
I think all men agree we like women who among other things: like to ride bikes, like us riding our bikes, women who race, women who win and women who can understand our obsession with bikes, racing and well women =D

Look at that picture. She is the national champion man. She is riding with one hell of a view, riding for a top pro team. Top of the line womens team riding out one sunny day with her team mates. I bet her dream has come true and she can lose every race for the rest of this year and still feel like a million bucks. That picture captures the epitomy of her life for the last several years, her sacrifices her hard work her wants anguish loss and unwillingness to give up and cash out.

To me, she is gorgous. To you, well your depth perception is limited so, to you she may be ugly

Who was the bozo who said "its just bike racing"?
Total class Woof, your post is all class baby rofl!JS Haiku Shop
Jan 23, 2004 9:13 AM
"I think all men agree we like women who among other things: like to ride bikes, like us riding our bikes, women who race, women who win and women who can understand our obsession with bikes, racing and well women."

110: very well said, plucked directly from my cranium. very few (men) are lucky enough to hit that jackpot, if only for a moment. to have a partner who totally understands and is sympathetic to all the cycling "shortcomings"--frame lust, gear freakiness, lance worship, you know--what a dream.

woofie: no offense intended--my reply completely unrelated to your post. rage on, brother!
I crack up when people judged other peoples looks........JS
Jan 23, 2004 12:15 PM
and you look at them thinking" Have you looked in the mirror you greasy azz fat fukk" Take a look in the mirror Woof.
Finally, an answerfracisco
Jan 23, 2004 9:14 AM
I had been wondering if the Women's T-Mobile would be riding Giants this year, like the men. Finally, an answer.

Dotsie C broke her collarbone a couple of weeks ago, which will limit her riding for awhile.
OooOOooOOooOOOooo LA LA!!!!CARBON110
Jan 23, 2004 9:34 AM
Yes! Yes!

Thanks by the way JS, glad you enjoyed =D

Woof, I didn't mean to be to cras but it was a pretty tasteless remark
Dang, I just shorted out a keyboard, d@mn drool.... nmAsiago
Jan 23, 2004 9:40 AM
OooOOooOOooOOOooo LA LA!!!!Woof the dog
Jan 23, 2004 12:47 PM
I don't care about tasteless. I am not going to cover up my attitude, because my attitude directly reflects the reality of what men want in women. Not only do we want women to be successful, we want them to be pretty, and I can honestly tell you that an ugly face is a turn-off for me, at least when I know nothing of her personality, etc.

I am not going to make any excuses about my remarks either because I am true to myself, my beliefs, my feelings, my instincts. You guys are just slaves to social etiquette when you don't need one - it is a friggin message board where more deviation is allowed.

I am a live canine being and I know when the things I say are appropriate or not. I am not going to put women or men or transexuals down for their looks in front of their friends, but on this board I am not afraid to state my honest opinion. All I ask of you is being honest to yourselves too instead of catching yourself saying things you should not be saying for some silly reason. IT IS A FACT OF LIFE that there are fast ugly women and fast pretty women, and I don't care whether she is a national champion or a president of the world.

Truth hurts,
I know

Woof the dog.
Know Thyself might want to read thisCARBON110
Jan 23, 2004 1:22 PM
Know Thyself the eternal philosphy of Plato states. Well apparently Woof you do =) A man must know his limitations, and a dog as well.

However, ignorance isn't bliss and your doing yourself an injustice when limiting your: prospects,judgments, charechter assements, depth of perception and socially inept approach on top of your preconceived ideas of what you actually beleive rings true in this society my friend. Not suggesting that you do, but that what you stated above does affirm the point.

""You guys are just slaves to social etiquette when you don't need one""

Point in fact my canine friend is that if you were the ugly dog at the pound you might bark a different tune eh? Slaves I think not, but we can read between the lines and your suggesting our consciencousness is conformity is not a very sound thought.

Remember every dog has its day and if you act like this in life as you do on the message board, well that day may come sooner then you like =/ Your subconscience has a tendancy to sneak up on you at all the wron times Woofy
I gotta support Woof on this one.spankdoggie
Jan 23, 2004 2:34 PM
That chick is one ugly chick. Carbon posted the photo like it was a chick photo, so of course the dudes were looking for a cute chick, not some monster on steroids. As far as monsters on steroids go, it might be cute, but I am not into monsters on steroids.

That chick is so ugly she would make a blind man cry. I am going to print out that photo, and stick it in my car as an anti-theft device.

I support you Woof.

Know Thyself might want to read thisWoof the dog
Jan 23, 2004 9:36 PM
You underestimate me

But that is okay, because we know nothing of each other.

"Do not judge, and you will not be judged"

Not trying to jump in here, but I got to giggle at that one....russw19
Jan 25, 2004 6:57 PM
Woof wrote - "Do not judge, and you will not be judged"

But isn't that Carbon's point? You did pass judgement. You put that girl down. You judged her based on how she looked, not on what she did. So he in turn judged you based on you putting her down. See the corelation? I thought I did.

You make some very good points.PseuZQ
Jan 23, 2004 4:02 PM
And I believe that political correctness should not dissuade someone from sharing their opinion of what they find attractive.

My initial response to your comment about her face was only to point out that perhaps, because she was racing her bike at the time the photo was taken, that it may not have been the most flattering presentation of her mug. People have this funny way of looking scary when they work hard.

Carry on....