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Rides in Santa Maria, CA....?(4 posts)

Rides in Santa Maria, CA....?OwenMeany
Jan 22, 2004 7:18 PM
I am going to be up there next week. It looks like I will have some time to ride Tuesday AM.

Are they any good routes up there for a 40 Miler?

Please let me know, and if you live there and want to do a 45 or so Tuesday aroune 7AM let me know..

Thanks, jb
re: Rides in Santa Maria, CA....?PeterRider
Jan 22, 2004 7:31 PM
- you can for instance go to Solvang, nice little danish town.
- or ride on the 154, up to cachuma pass (not sure about the name). This will make for more than 40 miles but is very nice.
- there is a canyon that goes east a loop from the 154, Foxen canyon, I've done only part of it but several people said the whole loop was very nice.
- in Los Olivos along the 154, there is Dan Henry who is one of the inventors of suspension bikes.
- plenty of wineries around, so if you care you can visit and drink.

This is just on top of my head, I have some pics from last time I was there, on

re: Rides in Santa Maria, CA....?penguinitis
Jan 22, 2004 11:35 PM
There is very nice riding in Santa Maria. Take Clark Avenue out of Orcutt to Dominion and head to Sisquoc and get on Foxen Canyon. You can take that all the way to Los Olivos and will get around 60-70 in that way, or turn around whenever and head back. Or find Foxen and then Tepusqut to Santa Maria Mesa Road and back into town on Betteravia. I would suggest a County Map. Riding 154 to Lake Cachuma would be a huge ride and 154 is a very busy 2 lane highway. Foxen to Alisos Canyon and Los Alamos is very pretty and there is a great climb up Drum Canyon out of Los Alamos as well, but this would probably be longer than what you want. While you are up there if you have time go out to Guadulupe Dunes Park, although I would probably drive out there, it is a really pretty beach.

If you get started at 7 as planned, you will need warm clothing, it is very chilly in that area in the morning, be prepared for 30's to start.
Drum cyn / Alisos cyn: oh yes, I think I've done this....PeterRider
Jan 23, 2004 9:40 AM
on the People Powered Ride century... the 154 is not all that busy, there is a broad shoulder all the time and good landscapes. But sure, Foxen canyon is going to be more empty :-)