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A conundrum(1 post)

A conundrumLone Gunman
Jan 22, 2004 6:54 PM
Going to Italy, Sicily to be exact, for 8 days. Will do some riding, maybe solo, and with people that my sister who lives there works with. The problem is, what am I gonna ride? From what sis tells me, bike stores are not plentiful but she could be wrong about that. I do not need a new bike, not real interested in buying one while there, but am keeping it open as an option. I have a soft side case that I could make into a hard side with a little wood, a pattern and a jigsaw and take my own ride. Would like to possibly come home with a frameset.

The thoughts I have of getting there and riding an ill fitting bike are less than appealing or through some sort of miscommunication I end up not being able to ride at all due to a lack of equipment or other snafu. What to do besides get a new digi camera and take lots of pics!!