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Aluminium tubesets(5 posts)

Aluminium tubesetsGear Cruncher
Jan 21, 2004 9:11 AM
In the old days (and I'm not talking THAT long ago) it was so easy, there was Reynolds 531 or Reynolds 753. One was great and the other was more expensive.

Now contrast this with the situation with aluminium. I am trying to buy a new alu frame to replace my steel beast, but am confused to the point of desparation! Can anybody point me in the direction of a hierachy which shows which alu tubesets are lightest, strongest, etc.
light, durable, strong: Pick 2.Spunout
Jan 21, 2004 9:34 AM
Add in comfort there, but I doubt if that is possible in Al and usually involves carbon fibre.

I rode 531 and Columbus SL in the old days, now I ride Reynolds 853.
I thought it was - light, strong, inexpensive: Pick 2 (nm)laffeaux
Jan 21, 2004 11:03 AM
Here's what I found.........Nebuladds
Jan 21, 2004 9:49 AM
I remember, back when I actually cared what type of aluminum alloy my frame was made of, I did some reading on the different alloys.

7005 and 6061 (or some iteration of the two) are pretty much the two main types of aluminums used for frames (T6 indicating a certain type of heat treatment).

It seems that 7005-T6 in most areas is a slightly (and I emphasize "slightly") superior alloy. The advantage of the 6000-series, if memory serves, is its ductility and therefore ease of drawing into tubes. I'm guessing that this somehow translates into better tubing, which more than makes up for any differences in characteristics between 7005 and 6061.

I'm also guessing that 6061 is a little lighter, or at very least, easier to make into lighter tubing. That's probably why most top-of-the-line bikes are made with 6061.

So what does this mean to you....or me? Not a damn thing! I've owned nothing but 7005 frames, and will soon become the owner of a 6061 GT ZR 1.0. I also have a GT ZR 2.0 which is made out of 7005. I have no doubt whatsoever that I will not notice a single difference between the ride qualities and/or longevity of each frame.
try hereterry b
Jan 21, 2004 10:58 AM
nice summary of some of the various products. click on the MFGR logos.

I've got Al bikes done in SC6110, V107, U107, Starship and Airplane. The only differences I can detect are almost certainly due to construction, and even then they're very subtle. The biggest tangible difference is in weight, and that is certainly due to how it was built.