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I need a little help.(5 posts)

I need a little help.mtnbikernc1979
Jan 20, 2004 10:24 PM
I need to get set up on my new road bike but there are no shops within 100 miles that could set my bike up to fit me. All of the local shops said they could guess but I don't need a guess. I know a lot of you in here are really good at what you do and I would prefer your help instead. I guess if any of you can help me I'll take your advice and give it a try. I'm 6'3. My bike is a 60 cm. Now, where do I move everything?

Thanks a Million! Justin
re: I need a little help.Akirasho
Jan 21, 2004 12:02 AM

... I put a bunch of links to fit websites here to allow for relatively easy access and to illustrate a point...

Most of these systems use similar methods but may vary a bit in their overall due to differences in sizing philosophies, most notably, Rivendell (their link is broken by the way)... which goes to show that even with a fit system... it only (in most cases) gets you close... you'll still need to fine tune depending on your needs, wants, desires and abilities (not everyone needs nor wants a race position on a road bike... so there's plenty of room for variations).

There is no absolute standard with regard to frame sizing as well... while two frames may share the same size designation... and even attain said from the same method... their top tube lengths could vary signifcantly.

It's possible to do your own fitting, but it requires accurate measurment of anthromorphic landmarks... your height by itself is not enough information. You'd need help to attain this data but it would get you in the ballpark... as we say.

You'd still need to determine stem length and height... as well as bar position.

You'd need to give yourself acclimatized to a new position... then... make small incremental changes as needed over time to improve... trying not to make more than one change at a time (gets confusing... and you might lose track of why you changed things in the first place (i.e. try not to raise the saddle... move it fore or aft and try a new stem length at the same time unless your situation is already FUBAR'd).

Of course, it's possible that what you've got already is a good thing... try to keep accurate records of where you start... where you go... and where you end. Be consistent... and always measure three times.

Be the bike.
re: I need a little help.mtnbikernc1979
Jan 21, 2004 12:22 AM
Thanks so much for your time and help. Every little bit helps. Again, thank you.....Justin
another good linkwitcomb
Jan 21, 2004 4:43 AM

I have used this one, only problem is my frame is compact geometry, whereas this assumes a regular geometry. It was funny to see it say my frame was too small when I was feeling like I was reaching. I think it just felt odd after not riding for a couple months and even then, when I was it was my mountain bike.
Wow! Very cool sitemtnbikernc1979
Jan 21, 2004 8:29 PM
Thanks. It even has pictures to help you out with. Can't be any easier!