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Madone-v-5900, bontrager and zipp, and integrated bars(10 posts)

Madone-v-5900, bontrager and zipp, and integrated barstrijunior
Jan 19, 2004 6:30 PM
Like quite a few others I am torn. I am able to get one at an employee price, so price is no object. I am all about speed. Not as much comfort. Anyone ridden the madone yet. Our shops doesn't get here for a month or so. I want to get some light carbon wheels. Other than bontrager which I have been impressed with, anything else. Anyone ridden zipp 202's yet? And, anyone with an integrated carbon bar or with anything to say about them. Looking at a cinelli ram or deda synapsi. I race super hilly to dead flat, so I need a good all around bar.
The answers to your questions...........CARBON110
Jan 19, 2004 7:39 PM
Having owned the 5.9 you can't be disappointed with it even if your a Trek critic. The Madone is slightly stiffer. Both bikes are comfortable and light. Zipps are tip top having owned 3 pair and forth on the way...202s. For bars get the Deda Newton bars, not the carbon bars. The newton combo is more stiff then ANY carbon bar Ive touched and are lighter then even the Easton carbon combo. You can't argue at all with Deda bar/stems. The Zipp 202s I think are a better deal then the Bontragers but they are both great wheels. In the end you really won't go wrong in any of those choices and the differences will be suttle. So suttle that someone like yourself most likely would not be able to even tell the difference. What will make a difference is how you maintain them and keep them clean, lubed, and tight. More importantly how you get the bike you like more
The answers to your questions...........synapselapse
Jan 20, 2004 12:10 PM
What are the 202s? I don't see any information about them on the Zipp website?
re: Madone-v-5900, bontrager and zipp, and integrated barskanekikapu
Jan 19, 2004 8:04 PM
for a size 58, 5900 is about 100grams lighter and it should help a little for serious climbing. but i'll get a madrone 5.9, ok its an extra 100 grams, but its more aero. lose some body weight should make up( a lot) for that.

wheels.i haven't heard anythin about the 202 besides the fact that they're light. the bontrager though, i've know them and they're great wheels. also maybe u should take a look at the reynolds wheel, they have 2 low-profile carbon wheels similar to the hyperions, 202's and the bontrager XXX carbon. 1 regular set and a even lighter ultralight version. im impressed with reynolds consistency and most owner loves them- a thing that zipp had a problem with. (mixed opinions. bontrager are good too. not too many problem that i know of.

integrated bars. from ur screenname it seems u're are junior rider. im a u-23. either way i am not a big fan of integrated bar/stem simply because you can't adjust them. yea, they're light but so? spending 400 bucks on a non-adjustable that are so light that people break them? i know someone who broke his cinelli ram(not from crash). human anatomy always changes. so does one's preference. pro uses it cuz they're paid to used it and they have more than one. even with calfee's custom stem/bar combo, they're just not a great idea. integrated bar are, in my opinion, more for the look of it rather than real function. if you are a junior, you'll outgrown it. i change bar/stem every season for safety and correct fit. carbon bar don't last long anyway. save the money on other things. you'll need it eventually. nevertheless. they're pretty though.

i hope this helps. keep riding hard!
I would seriously wait...RadicalRonPruitt
Jan 20, 2004 5:05 AM
And see what frames will be rolling out of Radical Ron Pruitt's garage. You might just change your mind.
Jan 20, 2004 6:23 AM
I have ridden the 5.9 and the 5900 and am waiting on my 5900 to arrive. If you are a try guy the in a flat area and push big gears then go with the 5.9. If you are like me and you and your bike with all your gear weigh less then 150 go for the 5900. The ride is better on the 5900 then the 5.9 with little difference felt in speed when you have water bottles attached. check out the Zipps with the ceramic b
re: Madone-v-5900, bontrager and zipp, and integrated barsFender
Jan 20, 2004 8:38 AM
Save your cash for traveling to races. Expensive equipment won't win you a race, but consistently racing will. As Carbon110 mentioned, just maintain your equipment properly and should be set to go.

Have fun!
re: You may want to get with Trekteoteoteo
Jan 20, 2004 3:04 PM
Are you getting discount at dealer level or straight from Trek?

Also Trek may not be shipping many Madones in the near future as they are now saying the light color of the paint is causing delays--it goes like this, the color is considered "light" and apparently shows flaws more dramatically. It is an issue ONLY with the Madone.

Such an issue that they are considering a color change mid-year but for now things are tight. In the discount pecking employee purchase and discount bikes get pushed to the back so unless your bike is currently on order don't expect it until April or May....
Jan 20, 2004 5:40 PM
Called trek, right about the delays on the madone. I am employee purchasing so a madone will be hard to get. I am thinking about a 5500 or 5900 now. 5900 seems hard to beat and should last me a long time. Now for the wheel, seatpost, and saddle decisions.

Jan 20, 2004 8:15 PM
I've been in that same boat where I decided and THEN called...not very fun. I happened to hear the news yesterday and thought I'd chime in....