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Cold Weather Clothing...(6 posts)

Cold Weather Clothing...happycx
Jan 19, 2004 12:48 PM
ANyone have any advice on cold weather riding gear? Looking for something that is warm without bunching up. Thanks in advance.
how cold?JPRider
Jan 19, 2004 1:25 PM
Cold is a very relative term, but while training in Boston, I found that I could ride in 20degrees comfortably with these two main articles: Pearl Izumi AmFib pants and the Pearl Izumi Barrier Jacket. A skullcap or even a regular hat will fit under most helmets with some strap loosening and back adjustment. My favorite gloves have been EMS gloves, nothing fancy about em, $20. I haven't had great success with booties, so I won't recommend those. I wouldn't say the jacket isn't bulky, but man is it warm. Same with the pants. I think the jacket might still be on sale at Performance for less than $100, which is a steal.
Cold weather stuff.cydswipe
Jan 19, 2004 2:18 PM
I would say that items that are windproof are a plus. JPRider has it right with the AmFib's. I also like the Thermafleece that PI uses. I would highly reccomend these items:
Craft makes a longsleeve top with wind-proof front.
PI Therma fleece tights, they make a few to choose from.
I have a Kelme issue winter coat that works great too.
I have the PI Toester booties. They are O.K.
I use a Nike thermal cycling cap that is awesome.
Most of the stuff is on sale about now. Check out Colorado Cyclist for PI bargains. IMHO a lot of the colder gear doesn't bunch up too much. I've never had the dough for Assos or Castelli. I've heard that stuff is great though.
Good Luck!
re: Cold Weather Clothing...GeoCyclist
Jan 20, 2004 12:23 AM
For Christmas I was given an Assos winter cycling jacket. I have to tell you this jacket is the best; light, warm, and fit conforms great to my body. In early January I was cycling in 30 F conditions without any layering, just a short sleeve jersey and my Assos jacket and I could have done without the jersey. The Assos Airblock panels really do the job in stopping the wind. I started using an Assos cycling vest (Airblock front and mesh back) in November. I was comfortable with a long sleeve jersey and my Assos vest in temps down to 40 F. I'm now looking at buying a pair of Assos Bib tights; unfortunately Christmas doesn't come twice a winter!

Best of luck in staying warm!
re: Cold Weather Clothing...pseudocrow
Jan 20, 2004 6:07 AM
I've really been happy with cold weather gear made by Foxwear ( They custom make tights, base layer shirts, and jackets from polartec in several weights, all at prices significantly lower than the big firms. Give them a call, tell them your needs and measurements, and they'll make what you need.

(I have no connection to Foxwear except as a highly satisfied customer.)
re: Cold Weather Clothing...geeker
Jan 20, 2004 9:29 PM
Agreed on Foxwear. Great to work with, and excellent prices. [Insert usual disclaimer re. no connection with company.]