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Tiagra...Shimano question(5 posts)

Tiagra...Shimano questionColnagoFE
Jan 19, 2004 8:02 AM
OK...So I played amateur mechanic over the weekend on my wife's new Cannondale. Long story short. It is a Tiagra triple and very small frame. She was getting tons of rub in the middle middle combos so I thought I might play with the Front der tension a bit to see if I could stop some of the rub in the normal gearing range. As much as I fiddled with it I could not stop the rub in gears that should not be rubbing. Then I pulled the crimp off the cable by accident and hosed the cable pretty bad. Bottom line...the thing still shifts like total crap and I need a new FD cable. Is this just an example of how low-end Shimano "works" or is there something else I should look at? Never had these kind of problems with my Campy Mirage triple.
re: Tiagra...Shimano questiontorquecal
Jan 19, 2004 8:08 AM
I've had pretty good luck with mine as long as I follow the Shimano tech instructions;

Even Tiagra as a trim feature that's useful for the middle ring, but if you're not using it I could see how you'd get rubbing problems.
re: Tiagra...Shimano questionlaffeaux
Jan 19, 2004 8:08 AM
Do you check to see if the cage was running parallel to the chain? When the FD was installed it may have not been aligned properly.

I've test ridden Tiagra, and owned an RSX equipped bike (which became Tiagra), although in a larger sized bike, and never had major shifting issues. When set up properly, Tiagra should shift fine. It's never as quiet as Dura Ace or Ultegra, but the performance is not bad.
Agree, FD placement is importantSpunout
Jan 19, 2004 8:31 AM
must be very close to the rings (low) and the alignment tweakes (sometimes either way) to get most range out of the FD.

Or, pick up an old campagnolo left hand shifter, end all problem.s
STI triples can be a pain to set up.Spoke Wrench
Jan 19, 2004 9:22 AM
I think the trick is to always start at the beginning. I start by disconnecting the shift cable and adjusting the derailleur position (if needed). Then I set the low gear limit screw, cable tension and high gear limit screw in that order.