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Poll, What is your New Year Diet and how much Have you lost.(38 posts)

Poll, What is your New Year Diet and how much Have you lost.bimini
Jan 19, 2004 7:00 AM
It is traditional for many to start a New Diet with the New Year. I am no exception (after some prodding from the wife).

We started the Soutbeach diet. The first two weeks are a strict No Carb regime and I felt like cr@p during this phase, I didn't even feel like getting on the bike for a whole week. However, I did loose 6 lbs.

Now I'm in the phase that allows good carbs and I feel much better. Went out for an 1 1/2 hour ride on Sunday after eating my first carbs for two week (an apple)and it felt good (other than going down on some ice on a fast corner). I got 9 more pounds to loose and I hope to do this before March so I can start interval and hill training to prepare for the new season.
We need a weight watchers forum! nmSpunout
Jan 19, 2004 7:21 AM
Diet based on Food Triangle...8 pounds...biknben
Jan 19, 2004 7:26 AM
I've been noticing your SB Diet posts. I'm on the other end of the spectrum. Carbs, carbs and more carbs.

I recently read this book.

It's a very impressive read. In a nut shell it says, "Hey buddy...grains, fruits and vegies, and low fat dairy is good for you."

My days of starvation just to get to my huge dinner are behind me. Breakfast fuels morning workouts. I eat two smaller lunches to keep from getting overly hungry. I no longer crave the M+Ms in the office. Then I go home and eat one portion of my wife's cooking instead of 5.

I saw a peak weight of 164 over the holiday season. I'm now back down to 156. My normal weight is 157 or so but looking to get in the lower 150s. Me likey to climb!!!
thanks for the linkwspokes
Jan 19, 2004 8:06 AM
I have heard good things about her food plans for athletes! My co-worker uses the atkins diet and her beagle breath is enough to melt glass....metabolic explosion going on! Not good.
A diet plan based on balanced nutrition....PEDDLEFOOT
Jan 19, 2004 8:37 AM
...what a concept.The problem is it won't get as much press as Atkins and South Beach.I totaly agree with this type of eating plan (not diet)over the other more popular and unbalanced hypes that are all the rage now.Good choice and stay with it.
Down 10 Lbs. so farpeter108
Jan 21, 2004 2:26 AM
I'm eating less and better. Not eliminating Carbs or anything like that just moderation and less crap.
De-Tox / Cleansing dietPaulCL
Jan 19, 2004 7:32 AM
Per another post I started entitled "I am a carbo addict" PaulCL "OK..I admit it. I'm a carbo addict" 1/15/04 1:34pm

After just over one week, I've dropped 7-8 lbs. As one poster said (I think it was Sean), the first few days without carbs is absolute agony then it gets easier. So true. The first four days, I was a SOB to live with. I hated everything about this "change of diet". Now on the eighth day, I'm OK. Seeing the scale this morning helped. On most "diets" (this isn't a diet but a change of diet), I cheat like hell over the weekends and the weigh in Monday is ugly.

I'm not completely without carbs, just without the 'bad' carbs. I'm eating a ton of fruit, veggies, lean meats and protein/fruit smoothies for breakfast and snacks. When my three week prison diet (our pet name for the program) is over, I hope I won't revert to my old ways but I know I can't keep this up forever. Due to the diet program and the weather, I haven't been on a bike in nearly two weeks.

water weight?ColnagoFE
Jan 19, 2004 7:53 AM
No way you lost 8 pounds of fat in a week unless you are not eating. If you continue to lose at that fast of a rate (doubtful) I would seriously consider eating more or you risk doing more harm than good by catabolizing your muscles.
I am sure some of it was water weightbimini
Jan 19, 2004 8:42 AM
According to the books, to store sugars / glycogen in muscle cells it ties up water (about 4 grams of water for every gram of glycogen). I know my glycogen levels were low (based on the way I felt) so I probably lost the water that was tied up storing the Glycogen.

The lose of 5-10 pound during the no carb phase is typical. Then, according to the books, weight loss will be much more modest (1-2 pounds a week) as I add the good slow digesting carbs back in.

The first two weeks are to slow down insulin production and reduce the big swings between insulin production and blood sugar. (Also to give the ego a shot in the arm with the loss of a few pounds).

Now I'm in a ballanced diet weight loss phase. No fast digesting carbs , no bad fats (trans fats, and hydrogenated oils). I can gradually bring the total grams of carb intake back to the level my body needs (as long as I avoid the fast digesting carbs)

Unlike the Akins this diet allows more carbs (as long as they are slow digesting).

Once I drop to the weight I want, I will go into the maintenance phase where it is okay to allow some fast digesting carbs and sugars, as long as it is in moderation and purpose (for me before and during long rides and then recovery after rides). I will however have to pass on my favorite daily post ride recovery drink (beer) and replace it with something a little more healty.

The things you give up for this "sport"!
Water weightPaulCL
Jan 19, 2004 9:50 AM
Sure. The actual number is 7lbs in 8 days. I agree - rapid weight loss is not atypical of the first week of any strict diet. Included in my diet is drinking 100oz of water every day. The 100oz is just a 20oz increase over my normal daily consumption of water. So...a question...can you lose 'water weight' if you increase your water intake by 25% during the diet???

My 'diet' program gets less severe starting today. I can add brown rice to my evening meal. Yippee. I hate brown rice. For the last eight days, I have lived off of a combined 10 servings of fruits and veggies per day plus a total of 8oz of lean meat. When I get hungry, I eat an apple (like I'm doing now). I'm sure my weight loss will moderate to the 2-3lbs per week rate. Evenso, if I'm down anothe 4-6lbs by the end of the program, I'll be thrilled.

I started at 202 (up from a November riding weight of 187-88) and am down to 195. My goal from the beginning was to start the season at riding weight - then drop more. Maybe I'll be able to take on you skinny guys on the hills!!


P.S. I leave for a Hawaiian vacation in 6 weeks - so I wanted to be thin and trim on the beach.
An additional note...PaulCL
Jan 19, 2004 9:53 AM
FYI. The "change of diet" progam I am on is MD supervised. MD endorsed. My wife (an MD) is doing it with me as is her partners and staff. We eat enough to satisfy, we get enough nutrients, but for me, just not what I want to eat. But, its' a healthy diet unlike 90% of Americans.
Drinking excess water will not add water weight - at leastbimini
Jan 19, 2004 10:33 AM
not for long. Any excess water your body does not need will pass through. The low carb diets do not starve the body of water, instead the cells need less water since they are carrying less glycogen inside them. The glycogen ties up about 4 times it's weight in water. The water is released when the glycogen is consumed.

PS: Just got back from Hawaii. Nice time and not hard to find healty food to eat. Fish two times a day, just can't find fish like that in the Midwest. If you want to tackle a hill ride up one of the Volcanos. I rode up Haleakala on Maui, sea level to 10,000 feet in 35 miles. And yes, drank lots of carbs and still bonked.
Drinking excess water will not add water weight - at leastPaulCL
Jan 19, 2004 11:21 AM
Oh yeah...I'm in the bathroom alot more than normal. A lot more than just that extra 20oz per day.

As for Hawaii....I'm hooking up with the folks at for a morning ride. $135 - they supply everything - bike,helmet,clothes (though I'll bring my own bibs),gloves, food, drink,shoes, sag wagon etc... While my wife is shopping, I'll be riding and snapping photoes.

Are you doing the ride up the mountain?bimini
Jan 19, 2004 11:33 AM
I would take my own shoes and pedals. I took my own shoes but forgot the pedals. Haleakala Bike Company did not have the pedals to fit my shoes nor had shoes to loan. I ended up going up the mountain with tennis shoes, rat traps and straps.

If you go with your own shoes, you know they fit and are broken in properly and they don't take a lot of room in the luggage.

The last 2000 feet were tough. You will need to eat lot's of "bad" carbs before and during that climb.
Are you doing the ride up the mountain?PaulCL
Jan 19, 2004 12:08 PM
I was planning to bring my shoes and pedals in addition to the cleats. Up the mountain?? I doubt it. I haven't done a serious ride since the end of December due to weather and diet. If I can get a few hundred miles in between now and March 5th, then maybe.....

...bad carbs???? Yeah baby!
I lost 5 pounds so farColnagoFE
Jan 19, 2004 7:51 AM
on the table pushaway diet. It works.
I'm down 3cmgauch
Jan 19, 2004 10:01 AM
On basically the same diet. I held steady for the holidays, and now my goal is to drop 2-3 pounds/month between now & May-June. This way you don't feel like crap during intensive efforts. Who needs that? You work hard for your muscles - keep them.
I usually eat pretty healthyColnagoFE
Jan 19, 2004 10:08 AM
My big problem is booze. I love a good margarita or 3 and those are loaded with calories. I've sworn off booze--save the occasional lite beer or glass of red wine with dinner and I think that has caused the weight loss.
I believe you are on to something there nmgtscottie
Jan 19, 2004 10:22 AM
You gotta live too thoughcmgauch
Jan 19, 2004 10:22 AM
I've been good about the beer, and reigned in my post-ride feasts. Now I need to focus on the 9-11 p.m. snack zone.
Um...I'm trying to GAIN some weight actuallyhuffer
Jan 19, 2004 10:55 AM
6'6" and 165-170lbs. Doing base phase weight training (100% exertion with 5-10 reps)to pack some more muscle on where it counts.
South Beach 14 pounds ...bsdc
Jan 19, 2004 11:14 AM
... since the first of the year. I've been pretty strict with the diet and working out.
Good luck keeping it offspookyload
Jan 19, 2004 12:47 PM
Most people who do the atkins/south beach diet end up putting it all back on plus an extra 10%. That is straight from the New England medical journal. Not to mention you will have zero strenght if you stay on it during the long rides of the summer.
Good luck keeping it offbsdc
Jan 19, 2004 2:55 PM
I searched the New England Journal of Medicine and could not find that study. There was a recent study in the NEJM that showed quicker initial weight loss with low carb diets but little difference after a year when compaired to "conventional" diets.

I've heard the "all the weight back plus 10%" statement before. I'm not sure where it comes from but I don't doubt it. But then overweight people who don't diet may gain 10% too. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

No doubt that dieting during the long rides of summer will sap some strength, but so will hauling my fat but up the hills. That's why I'm dieting during the winter. I don't expect to be dieting by then. I'm working on maintaining my strength with weights three times a week and cardio three times per week.
It happens because people are weakterry b
Jan 19, 2004 3:11 PM
They do the diet, lose the weight and then quit the diet. Or, they get happy that they lost the weight and then go back to their original eating style.Off all the Atkins dieters I know, only 2 have taken it off and kept it off - me, and one friend.

Reason? we don't think of it as a diet - we think of it as how we eat. Went through the losing phase, and then adjusted carbs back up to stabilize. He lost 65 pounds (from 275 to 210,) I lost 18 (172 to 154.) We both met our goals.

I've never had a problem with energy for rides, because on ride days I eat a carby breakfast and use PowerGels every 25 miles. Had no problem doing a 110 mile century. Also, I adjust it when I feel I want to. Ate and drank with abandon over the holidays, put 1 pound back on. Came back from vacation, returned to my new plan and took 2 off.

If you make a decision that you want to keep it off, it's really very easy. Problem is, most people don't. They want their crap carbs too badly.
It's not the carbs or even the crap carbsColnagoFE
Jan 19, 2004 3:28 PM
People that gain weight back simply eat and drink too much for their genetics and activity level. If you run 15 miles a day you can probably get away with eating bowlfuls of spaghetti and handfuls of candy.
For me, that was true between 20 and 40terry b
Jan 19, 2004 4:14 PM
but it's not true now that I'm 50. I went from a pack of Pepperidge Farm cookies and a quart of milk, nightly, with no impact to me weight to riding 6500 miles last year with no binging and a stable overweight.

Maybe you can eat bowls of spaghetti and hadnfuls of candy at you age, with your metabolism and your exercise program, but I certainly can't. I know, I've tried. Last year, at age 49, was the first year I did not hit my summer weight despite exercising more between Jan. and June than I ever did before. And, eating the same to a little less.

There are no magic rules when it comes to one's diet. Some people look at food and gain. Others don't. Others live a charmed life until a certain age and then reality creeps in. Point is, you need to have a way of eating that meets your goals. For me, it's fish, chicken, vegetables, meat. fruit. It's not potatoes, rice, pasta, cookies, candy and soda. As I've said here before, if you use your brain Atkins is nothing more than calorie management. It just happens that the calories I choose to manage are the junk carb calories. Works for me, maybe it wouldn't for you or someone else.
Jan 20, 2004 8:04 AM
I didn't have to diet (or even exercise) at all until I was in my late 20s. Now in my late 30s I have to watch it more. My only point is that no matter what genetic hand you are dealt it comes down to eating less than you burn to lose weight and eating more to gain. If eating lots of protein and such keeps you from bingeing on a bag of chips then more power to you, but you could eat a high carb, low fat diet that would still allow most anyone to lose weight--assuming they eat the proper # of calories for their particular metabolism and activity level.
yep, it's all about calorie management, no magicterry b
Jan 20, 2004 8:50 AM
I'm with you, genetics is the worst possible excuse for being overweight. Was sitting around jawing with some of my staff one morning about "The Zone." One of the plumper guys said "you're all very lucky, genetics dealt me a crummy hand. I struggle." Went by his desk a couple of days later and what did he have - 2 chocolate covered donuts and a grande latte. Yep, genetics is a bear.

Calorie management is the key, and the only thing our friend Dr. Atkins was trying to say (in the newest book anyway) was that while we've gotten larded up on super-sized meals, most of the things that have been supersized are process carbs. I think that point is lost on almost everyone. Look at the Olive Garden advertising "bottomless pasta bowl with endless breadsticks." It's an easy diet for people to follow, they don't have to do advanced mathematics (calories in the 1000s, carbs in the 10s) and they don't feel hungry doing it. Doesn't even mean more protein, (I don't eat any more now than I did, the things I've added to replace the carb items are vegetables.) And, at least in theory it targets the one type of input that people most readily abuse (pass the mashed potatoes please.)

Eat less, burn more.
re: Poll, What is your New Year Diet and how much Have you lost.jtolleson
Jan 19, 2004 11:41 AM
I too have cut way back on carbs, though not the hard core "no carb" stuff. But no bread, pasta, or potatoes or even beer (my fave)... not too mention no sweets (waaaaah).

Frankly, I don't even own a scale so I don't have a clue if I've lost any weight, but I know I feel pretty good.
I've gained 8 lbs so far.Mike P
Jan 19, 2004 12:04 PM
I am mad at the folks at M&M / Mars for taking away the colors from the Peanut M&Ms so I am going to attempt to eat every single black and white M&M they make until they see my wisdom and bring back the colors!

But on a serious note, I'm not worried about it. I normally gain five to ten pounds every winter. It seems to go away every spring. I just figure it's something to do with my body trying to pack on a little fat to survive the winter. I do eat a lot of M&Ms but otherwise I stick to carb and protien consumption.

re: Poll, What is your New Year Diet and how much Have you lost.lyleseven
Jan 19, 2004 12:16 PM
I'm on a modified So. Beach Diet. Lost 4 lbs since Jan 3.
Nothing fancy..just "goesinta/goesouta"!!yellowspox
Jan 19, 2004 1:21 PM
I dropped 50 pounds (from 265) over one year in 2001. I took up cycling in 2002 and kept everything off that I dropped but re-arranged it in the right places. I started again prior to the holidays w/ a revamped lifting/spinning/yoga routine and hit 200 for the first time today by simply counting calories. My choice was to get a lighter bike or make myself lighter. My way is a lot cheaper.....although I won't rule out a new bike!! It's sure going to make the hills a lot more fun this year.
Las Vegas Weekend Binge, gained four pounds.Cory
Jan 19, 2004 3:28 PM
My son's moving to Las Vegas for a few months to do an internship. Hauled him and his stuff down there this weekend, ate everything that drifted past and gained four pounds.
re: Poll, What is your New Year Diet and how much Have you lost.aliensporebomb
Jan 20, 2004 5:44 AM

My wife and I joined Weight Watchers around 1/3/04 and
so far I've lost 14.6 pounds and she's lost somewhere
over 10. Together almost 25 pounds. Astonishing. We
are really motivated to get to our goal weights this time.

I've been riding 60+ miles a week since starting this
regime and it's been working pretty well. I'll shoot
for up to 80 in weeks to come.

I just noticed today that my clothes feel really loose.
I think I'll have to punch an extra hole in my belt.

Hopefully by the time there's another Minnesota RBR ride
I'll be able to tackle the hills a bit better this time!
Jan 20, 2004 9:02 AM
if i can see it, i can eat it.

weight lost: 0
weight gained: 0

rt - stasis is good
Down 3-4 lbs so far...Asiago
Jan 20, 2004 9:23 AM
My diet? Since the first of the year and end of the "eatin' season" I've simply watched what I've eaten. No junk food, easy on treats. I'm with Colnago, though, denying the margs is very, very hard to do! :)

Also, food poisoning I figure netted about 3/4lb I think. More initially, but that was mostly a hydration issue that took a few days to build back up. Anyway, don't recommend this diet technique!

142lbs this morning, pretty good for a Tuesday. 147lbs was my "peak." I'd like to get to the 135-137 range.

Continuing Atkins started April, '03haystack
Jan 20, 2004 1:26 PM
I've been able to lose 26 total lbs. since April, 2003 and build 10 lbs. of muscle for a total weight loss of 16 lbs. I'm 6'1', 180 lbs., 13.9% body fat, 34 in. waist.

My goal is 10% bodyfat or less. I've been following a weight training program that has been great coupled with the low carb diet. I'm going to put this weight training into high gear as I've signed up for a Russian Kettlebell Challenge course in town. Designed by the Russian kettlebell champion, Pavel Tsatsouline. He designed training for some of the most feared commandos in the world, the Russian Spetznaz.