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Overweight?(8 posts)

Jan 18, 2004 8:54 PM
My buddy wants to buy a road bike to start riding with me but he is concerned about his weight and how it might affect the bike. He is currently 230 pounds but not fat. He is 6'3. My question is can he ride a road bike without breaking it because of his height and weight? He rides mtn bikes with us all the time. thanks
re: Overweight?Akirasho
Jan 18, 2004 11:00 PM
... 230 is too heavy to be competitive in climbing Alpe d'Huez during the TdF... that's about it...

Any sensibly built road frame (and assoiciated components) and wheelset will handle the load with ease... Indeed, not all riders on this forum are 5' 4" 130 pounds of bone and muscle.

While some might recommend an "upgrade" to 36 hole wheels, qualitly built 32 should suffice.

Welcome your bud to the open roads.

Be the bike.
Jan 19, 2004 4:39 AM
That Magnus Bäckstedt guy from Credit Agricole HAS to be close.
As for the original question, 230 will work just fine.
Geez, thankspitt83
Jan 19, 2004 5:03 AM
I'm 6'4 and 230. Been riding a road bike since I was in high school 25 years ago. Guess I've been too fat all this time; I'll have to quit now.
should be fineColnagoFE
Jan 19, 2004 8:04 AM
Just make sure he rides equipment suited for his weight--not the lightest trickest stuff. 36 spoke wheels and a beefy frame would be a good start.
I am 6'3 225. Been riding for years. Tell your friend to do itstillridn
Jan 19, 2004 4:09 PM
re: Overweight? - nopeinnergel
Jan 20, 2004 8:21 AM
I'm 6'5" and 220lbs +/- 10lbs. I ride a 2001 Trek2300 with Rolf Vector Pro wheels. Never had a single problem in 7000+ miles with either the frame or wheels because of my weight.

A couple of things he'll have to possible watch out for are maybe pedals with TI spindles, that new Saddleco Flow saddle, or maybe a mag stem. Otherwise, he should be perfectly fine.
re: Overweight?Cary1
Jan 20, 2004 4:41 PM
6' and 225 here and have never had trouble with breaking components on bikes. Tell him to have a great time. Just don't get mad when he rolls by you on the long downhills.