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Charity Race(9 posts)

Charity Racemtnbikernc1979
Jan 18, 2004 7:42 PM
I want to participate in a charity race in my local town. The area is fairly flat with some rolling hills. The race has 3 options: 30, 55, or 70 mile routes. This is my first time doing a road race. I do on the other hand do a lot of mtn biking. So I feel comfortable with the cardio side of the race. I'm more worry about my quads giving out before the end. I want to do the 70 but feel that it might be a little much. Anyone done a race similar and could lead me in the right direction?
Is it really a race, or is it a ride ?Scot_Gore
Jan 18, 2004 8:26 PM
Sounds like an odd format for a race. Sounds more like a recreational ride where riders will finish in the time that suits them and nobody wins the race. If I was a charity, I wouldn't limit my potential for particpants by turning it into a competion on the bike, I try and make most the competion around fund raising.

As far as your quads holding up for 70 miles, yeah you bet you can do it. Just train (or practice, whatever you want to call it). If you can ride two 30 mile days in a row, then you can ride one 70 mile ride. If you're already a biker then I'd suspect that your a long way to being able to do this. You'd need to provide more details regarding your current riding habits and capibilities to give a better answer.

Hope that helps
Is it really a race, or is it a ride ?mtnbikernc1979
Jan 18, 2004 8:49 PM
The name is 5th Annual Charlotte Sports Cycling Winter Training Ride. I currently ride 2 times a week on the mtn bike trails. Each ride lasts 2 hours or longer. I just bought a road bike and it's all new to me. I've road it once about 6 miles all uphill and did fine with no fatigue. So in your opinion is 70 miles too far for me? Should I just do the 30, or the 55?
Hard for me to say.Scot_Gore
Jan 18, 2004 9:12 PM
I goggled up your event. It is indeed a ride, not a race. You get to pick your own intensity level without the added dimension of needing to WIN the race. There are two itermediate sprints and two KOMs but don't even worry about them, they are not there for you. Ride with a friend and contest them for the fun of it, but the prizes will be long gone before you see them on the horizon.

It's difficult for anyone who can't actually see you ride to know if a 70 mile ride is too far for you. However, your event is 3 weeks away, so you've got time to discover it for yourself. I would suggest, that this coming Saturday, you go for a 30 mile road ride. Wake up Sunday, and do it again. If you can, sign up for the 70 miler with confidence. If you just can't do another 30 on Sunday, do some smaller milege, keep training, and try again the next weekend.

I looked at your route. The 70 mile ride is a turn off and additional loop added to the 55 mile ride. You'll be able to make the final decesion on event day. Get to the 70 mile turn off and ask yourself "How do I feel ?" Feel good go for 70, feel tired go for 55, feel really bad then wave down the SAG van, it's a supported ride after all.

Good luck
Hard for me to say.mtnbikernc1979
Jan 19, 2004 8:27 AM
Wow! Thanks Scot. You really know your stuff. I think this a great web site to help people like me that are just starting to ride the roads. Again, thank you Scot. I learned something today. Justin
re: Charity Racewitcomb
Jan 19, 2004 4:03 AM
I did a similar ride last year on my mountain bike. I had only just started, been riding a month or two and had no problem with a 50km (30mi). In fact I was disappointed I never went with the 75km(~50mi).

Now, if you threw on some slicks (which I never, although they looked like slicks at the end) you could probably handle the 70mi, just take it at your own pace. If you are really indoubt, just do the 55mi and then try the 70mi next year. These are usually anual events, might not be in your case, check it out.

BTW, if you only do the 55mi and feel you could have done more, hit the trails afterwards.
re: Charity Racemtnbikernc1979
Jan 19, 2004 8:30 AM
Thanks witcomb for your help. I really appreciate it. I'll try that.
re: Charity Racejtolleson
Jan 19, 2004 11:44 AM
You'll be fine. Charity rides (never heard of a charity race) are generally pretty well supported, with aid stations that enable you to just ride from one station to the next and thus break your ride into "segments." Speed is not really a factor, and if the terrain is as you describe, you will be fine. The only thing you might feel is some unique aches from being on the bike for what will be more like 4 hours, not two.

PS -- quads should never "give out" on a road ride unless you are pushing too big a gear. If you feel like riding taxes your quads (except on super steep climbs where you don't have the gears to spin) then you are either pushing too big a gear or have your saddle too low.
re: Charity Racemtnbikernc1979
Jan 19, 2004 12:27 PM
Thanks jtolleson for the encouragement. If it is as you say, I should be fine. I'll give it a try. Thanks!