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best deal on 650c presta road tubes? nm(4 posts)

best deal on 650c presta road tubes? nmJS Haiku Shop
Jan 16, 2004 9:44 AM
Jan 16, 2004 9:55 AM
High quality tubes with removable core for racing and training. Available in 48mm and 60mm valve stem lengths (fully threaded). 5/$19.75

36mm stem lengths sell for 5/$14.75
650?? Have you purchased a new bikeMarketing Dept
Jan 16, 2004 11:29 AM
and holding out on pic's??

Was it a Tsunami tribike??

Inquiring minds want to know.
Roo-tiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JS Haiku Shop
Jan 17, 2004 5:47 PM
bought a pair of Quintana Roo frames: 59cm Te Kilo tri/tt and 19-20-21" (don't remmber, they're both measured pretty strangely) Panamint mtb, for next to nothing. both NOS. purchased last month. the mtb is standard 26" wheels, and will be built feb 1 as a singlespeed. the tt/tri is 650c and will be built march 1 as a full-on poor-mixture-of-florescent-and-bright-primary-colors tri-geek frame (bright yellow stem from!). now i just have to figure what the most completely obnoxious bartape color(s) would be. think "offensive". i have a pink/purple/turqouise/white mixture in mind. my LBS has several packs of it for 1/4 price, because it's so damned ugly.

both bikes, full builds, should come in TOTAL <$1000, including wheelsets (Thanks Chuck!). the only thing that might be me over the limit is a set of shifter-compatible aero bars. i was thinking syntace streamliners, but $100 is too steep to stay in my price range. will keep a sharp eye on ebay, but not promsing. any input here will be most appreciated. looking for streamliners, profile split second bars, etc.--a two-piece set.

will post pics once i start building them up. saving big $$ on the ss through my shop wrench friend who's kicking in old shop parts, plus his discarded mtb rigid fork. can't put any type of suspension on a ss mtb, right?

parts for the tt/tri coming mostly from chuck. the rest of both will come from pricepoint--the Sette stuff is the right price and doesn't look too bad. seatposts will maybe come from price, and two-bolt. only other worry (to keep it all under $1k) is headsets. need 1x1" and 1x1&1/8", and ebay's coming out to around $55 for both, including shipping. again, advise here appreciated.

goal for both is to fully build at a stupid-low price. they won't be ridden too much. very specific tools.


ps. Marketing Dep't, i've probably asked this already, but where are you, geographically?