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I'm buying a (R2000) with a double chainring, but....(10 posts)

I'm buying a (R2000) with a double chainring, but....BrutusBuckeye
Jan 16, 2004 7:51 AM
I'm probably going to move to Colorado or Arizona within 2 years at which point it may prove more effective to utilize a triple chainring. I've been doing more maintainence on my own but so far no upgrades. I am wondering how difficult (if even possible) it would be to switch out the double for a triple when I move. I really have no need for the triple at this time.
The new FSA compact double is another option 50/34 rings (nm)lendog
Jan 16, 2004 7:52 AM
Or a Ritcheytorquer
Jan 16, 2004 8:36 AM
Not yet in stores, but they show a compact double on their website as available later this year. Should be a lot cheaper (and probably not that much heavier) than the FSA.
Save yourself the pain and costZman
Jan 16, 2004 7:58 AM

Based on what you say I would just purchase a triple. You will save lots of time and money down the road.

Good choice on the bike.

Start with cheap options...biknben
Jan 16, 2004 8:00 AM
Get the largest cassette available. It will cost you from $30-$60. You can climb some steep stuff with a 27t on the back. Since you're not moving for two years, I wouldn't base the current purchase on it.

The more expensive option is a triple upgrade which will cost a few hundred dollars. A compact crank (as previously mentioned) is worth considering.

Wait until the move and then see what you will be climbing.
I second the 27T optionbigrider
Jan 16, 2004 8:13 AM
If you get to Colorado and you are climbing 8 to 10 percent stuff you may not need anything bigger than a 27 tooth with a 39 small ring. I climbed Mt. Mitchell with that setup this past year and was weighing 240lbs.
I third the 27T optionbenInMA
Jan 16, 2004 8:48 AM
I keep a 12-27 cassette for mountains.

I want to say that will easily get me through a hundred mile ride with long grades around 10%. I can usually handle 8-9% stuff fine with even a 12-23 though. I can't necessarily spin up all the way if it's several miles at those grades, but I do fine.

Next option after that is to grab an LX/XT mountain bike derailluer with the really long cage. Then you can stick a 11-34 MTB cassette on the bike and have seriously low gears. With a 39 ring in the front you're looking at spinning comfortable at something insane like 6mph. I did the Mt. Washington race with that setup. I had to stop a couple times but Mt. Washington has sections that are 20% and there really are no places to catch your breath. (My training was probably off too)

If after that you still need more, you could add the 50/34 compact crank setup. I will probably try that next time I do the Mt. Washington race.

I still see all these options as cheaper and more convenient than switching to a triple. Everything except the cranks I can swap myself in the garage pretty easily.

That's a little scary...biknben
Jan 16, 2004 10:19 AM
We share the same name. We also used the same gearing while climbing Mt. Washington. I did the practice ride last year.

I don't know if you were here last summer but you might find this interesting. biknben "Mt. Washington Hill Climb - Ride Report" 7/22/03 3:30am
I'll fourth the 27T recommendation...DSR
Jan 16, 2004 9:56 AM
Get a standard double and a cassette that'll best fit your AZ riding. In two years you'll be needing a new cassette anyway and can switch to a 27T when you move out here. I'm in CO and have a double with an 11-23. I've been meaning to pick up a 25 or 27T. Just haven't gotten around to it. Am out of the saddle a lot in the meantime, but I'm kinda used to that already from my SS mtb. Anyway, the 27T option is cheaper and simpler I think. S
BrutusBuckeye is fine during football seasonContinental
Jan 16, 2004 1:03 PM
but during basketball season, hide your scarlet and grey clothes. Or call it hockey season. I'm a fellow Buckeye.

My advice is don't worry about the Colorado gearing until you get there. Maybe in 2 years you'll be powering up 10% grades in a 40:18.