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Ebay question: what do I do??(16 posts)

Ebay question: what do I do??PaulCL
Jan 16, 2004 7:45 AM
I just sold a copy of Bobke I on Ebay yesterday. Just for the heck of it, I looked up Bobke today. Somebody is selling the book using the picture from MY auction and a description that is almost verbatim from MY auction except for different numbers. Is this seller trying to ripoff potential buyers?? Or is using someone else's photo and description OK??? Do I report them to Ebay or leave it alone??

I'd bet...Marketing Dept
Jan 16, 2004 7:50 AM
they simply saw your add and saw that the person thought "hey, I bet I could sell my copy. And better yet, I don't have to get a picture or write a description, I'll just copy this one"...

Poor judgement on the sellers part. Do they have feedback?

If not, it may be worth reporting.
Agreed, probably not a scambimini
Jan 16, 2004 8:04 AM
If it was a big ticket item I would probably report it, since it may be a scam.

It is against ebay's rules to copy someone elses pictures and writeups, but is is done frequently. If you went through the trouble to report it, ebay would probably do very little unless a clear cut scam was going on.

I would not waste the time and energy.
OK I'll ignore itPaulCL
Jan 16, 2004 8:14 AM
But it bugs me. Yes, he has positve feedback from a total of 6 people. Caveat Emptor.

Yep. Similar thing just happened to me.HouseMoney
Jan 16, 2004 9:20 AM
While my auction to sell an indoor trainer was going on, I noticed that someone else did a cut & paste job on my description (used his own photo), even down to the opening headline I used as a "hook".

Since he didn't also use my photo, I didn't think it was a scam so I didn't report him. I'll usually read other similar auctions when writing a description to come up with ideas, but wouldn't be so blatant as to use one verbatim. His starting price was so high anyway, he never got any bids.
re: Ebay question: what do I do??smooty
Jan 16, 2004 8:54 AM
I've had the same thing happen to me on e-bay. I reported it, and they pulled the other guy's auction. It bothered me too that someone would be so lazy to rip off my pic and description.
Report him....Spunout
Jan 16, 2004 9:02 AM
it is against the rules to poach others' pictures and copy for use in one's own auctions.

re: Ebay question: what do I do??biketx
Jan 16, 2004 9:46 AM
Why not just use eBay's e-mail function and talk to the guy? That seems like a good first step. Lots of folks don't know all of eBay's rules and just need a little education. Communication won't solve all the world's problems, but it helps.

another clueBonked
Jan 16, 2004 10:32 AM
would be how much feedback the user has. my guess is that the book isn't going to sell for a lot of $$$, so it probably isn't a scam but, if the guy just registered recently and doesn't have any feedback, it would be worth looking into.
I don't get it - what's the big deal?B2
Jan 16, 2004 10:36 AM
I've used parts and pieces of other auctions several times (NEVER deceitfully). With ebay, presentation makes a huge difference. If you see some verbage that gets your attention or some formating that does the same, why not use it??

Why not?? I'll tell you why...Giant_Tom
Jan 16, 2004 2:05 PM
I sold a bike last year on eBay with a description that I put a lot of time in to make the bike sell for a price I wanted. I spent a good 45-60 minutes on this description and it paid off since I got my Buy It Now price for the bike which was what I had paid for the bike 1 year prior.

2 weeks later some jerk steals the description I had put so much time and effort into and just adds his own pictures. Took him about 2 seconds to do this, so in reality I did all the work and he got the reward. That's B.S.
how did it effect you?laffeaux
Jan 16, 2004 4:46 PM
You didn't lose anything as a result of the other guys actions. Regardless of if he used your description, or wrote his own, your bike sold for what you'd hoped to get.

Some would say that imitation is flattery. You should take it as a "pat on the back" that you did a good enough job that some guy knew he couldn't do better. What's the point in getting upset?
You're right......I guess I'll justGiant_Tom
Jan 17, 2004 2:32 AM
Start my own newspaper using articles from yesterdays Wall Street Journal. That way I'm just flattering them and they're not losing anything since they got to use it first. What the hell, I know I can't do any better than they can so I'll just give them a pat on the back by borrowing their work. I'm sure their lawyers won't mind.

It's called Copyright and if I write it, I own it. And you no longer need to state that in or on the piece.
re: Ebay question: what do I do??Max11
Jan 16, 2004 7:50 PM
Same thing happened to someone I know but he was selling a Lew wheelset. He reported it and ebay checked it out, found it was fraud and sent the law after the seller. I heard the person got arrested. Turn this report in to ebay to investigate.
Is he linking to your photo, too?Dave_Stohler
Jan 16, 2004 9:10 PM
If he is, I'd be changing that photo to something rather rude, and quickly, too. Maybe a pic of you holding a sign saying "This seller is a jerk", or possibly of you giving a gesture at the camera. Maybe a pic of a pile of sh!t might work...
That's evil... I like it!Dave Hickey
Jan 17, 2004 7:03 AM
Hey Dave, I have question for you. In your movie, how did you clamp your knees to the top tube and raise your arms if you're riding a fixie?

By the way, very clever name... I wonder how many people think your name is Dave Stohler:-)