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03 Orbea Lobulus advice... pricing opinions(3 posts)

03 Orbea Lobulus advice... pricing opinionsdan K
Jan 15, 2004 7:40 PM
I have found an 03 Lobulus that fits me, but wanted to get some opinions on the price.

The bike is in excellent shape and has an 03 Chorus 10 drivetrain except for the 03 Record crank/bb. The drivetrain is like new, as is every component. The wheels are Mavic Cosmos, straight and true, pedals Time Impact Mag with the usual assortment of carbon post, ti seat, etc.

As for price, what is the price range that you would think would be fair? The seller and I are in "negotiations" but I did not want to get hosed, nor disrespect him with a lowball offer.

What price range? Thanks.
re: 03 Orbea Lobulus advice... pricing opinionsschills
Jan 15, 2004 9:08 PM
My club was sponsored by Orbea and I still had to pay $900 for frame and fork, tax(8.25%) included. Let's say the wheels are $400 and the rest is $1200 including bars, stem, drivetrain, saddle, etc. That's all a guess. Others can pick at the estimates. So that's new. I'd think a discount in the 25-40% range would be fair considering discounts on brand new bikes that are being blown out. Personally, unless your in love with the frame, I'd buy a new, closeout. The frame. . . I ride the lobular carbon. . . is good, but no better than other cheaper frames from the other manufacturers. However, they do have nicer paint schemes than most domestic brands
re: 03 Orbea Lobular advice... pricing opinionsdan K
Jan 15, 2004 10:47 PM
That's how clueless I am. Lobular, not Lobulus. But thanks for the info.