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Mt. Lion / Mountain bike attack update..... Roadie related(1 post)

Mt. Lion / Mountain bike attack update..... Roadie relatedAztec
Jan 15, 2004 4:09 PM
I'm sure you've all heard about the Mt. Lion attack in So. Cal recently and the death of a local rider, Mark Reynolds. Services for Mark were held today and below is an email sent from one of the attendees to those that couldn't make it.

I didn't know Mark and pulled this off this afternoon. I've got no reason to doubt it's authenticity but I'm sure someone will cry BS. I don't know who wrote the email but it was apparently sent to many who were interested in Mark's foundation. Apparently he was active in getting bikes to kids who had no other access to them.

Here's the email. Pretty cool story if I say so myself.

"I just returned from Mark Reynold's service this morning (Mark was killed by a mountain lion last week), it was well done and inspirational. They read a letter from Lance Armstrong. A lot of people were there including Greg (leMond?). Lance's letter referenced a quote by Mark about giving bikes to kids, Mark had said "maybe one of these kids will be the next Lance", Lance"s letter said "forget that, maybe one of these kids will be the next Mark Reynolds", it was really cool. 3 of Mark's friends rode their bikes on the funeral procession, one rode Mark's very first Mountain bike, but he struggled to keep up with the 2 road bikes and fell off the back (route was 15 mile! s, hilly and very windy). Greg (LeMond?) got out of his car and rode the mountain bike the rest of the way in his suit and dress shoes, caught up and passed the first road bike and finished with the procession - way cool!"