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With this frigid weather in New England ..(10 posts)

With this frigid weather in New England ..globalhelipimp
Jan 15, 2004 8:12 AM
.. who's been outside either biking, running, skiing,
snowshoing, etc? I went outside yesterday for a run, and
it was -13ºF with the windchill. I bundled up with two
themro layers, two pairs of tights, a windbreaker, and a
pair of winter socks. I only ran about 2-3 miles, but the
roads were covered in snow so I'm guessing that equates to
about 3.5-4.5, maybe?

Yesterday was the first time I've ran in months, and damn
it was invigorating. I reccomend everyone go out on a
-10ºF+ day and do some sort of activity. Seriously. I
feel like a million bucks today.

-40F with windchill in Ottawa. Walked 15 blocks to work...Spunout
Jan 15, 2004 8:33 AM
and had a nice time. Remember, there is only bad clothing, not bad weather.

Riding is strictly indoors. I won't even XC ski until we're above -15C.
correction: -45C, still real cold. nmSpunout
Jan 15, 2004 8:55 AM
-45C = -49F ( F =9/5C +32) That is insane cold.NMtoronto-rider
Jan 15, 2004 9:23 AM
pretty bad here in T.O. today too... not that bad though! (nm)Frith
Jan 15, 2004 9:25 AM
Same here in Atlantic Canadagiro_man
Jan 15, 2004 9:52 AM
The roads are real slick. Last night, the wind in Southeast New Brunswick was so bad I had to rescue my BBQ (which is one of those bigger, expensive models) and lash it to the deck with a rope. I know that it sounds like an exaggeration but our largest plate glass picture windows flexed with the wind. It is rather unnerving which is why I went down to the basement and did a workout.
Went for a ride in -33aOldMan
Jan 15, 2004 10:01 AM
It was -33C with a windchill of -42C this morning outside of Montreal. I went for a short ride just to say I could/did. it was really, really cold.

I sure hope that this cold snap ends soon!
52F (11C) this morning in Florida. Had tights and regular glovesmaximum15
Jan 15, 2004 10:02 AM
on for my ride in today. Tuesday was much colder (44F) and I had to wear my foot protectors too. Time to buy some full fingered gloves. Can't complain about the weekends. Usually in the low 70s which makes for some nice riding.
Snowmobiling -12Fzipptrek
Jan 15, 2004 5:20 PM
Did some sledding in VT about 8 miles from Canada. Pretty friggin cold srceamin' across the lake at 100 MPH. First time I've ever had icicles on my eyelashes. Had to keep pulling over to scrape the inside of the helmet sheild using the trusty ole credit card. Yee-ha

re: With this frigid weather in New England ..owmynads
Jan 15, 2004 7:30 PM
While I love being outdoors, I draw the line at this dangerous cold. You can end up with athletics-induced asthma. Not good for Spring and Summer riding. Nope, I'm on the Tour De Rollers. Won't catch me outside with my nuggz clacking together like castinets!